News: McLaren Dishes On The Speedtail’s powertrain numbers

McLaren Dishes On The Speedtail’s powertrain numbers

By News Desk
May 1, 2020

The McLaren Speedtail is the most technologically advanced vehicle the Woking-based car company has ever built. Having completed more than 30 high-speed tests that hit the 250mph / 400kph mark, we know the 1,036hp hypercar is also the fastest its ever made; no small feat considering the cars in its history. And now, McLaren has revealed a few more details about the Speedtail’s incredible power.

The first look is at the 4.0-liter, twin turbo V8, which uses technology derived from the P1. It makes 757hp and 590lb ft (800Nm) of torque all on its own, with a new lightweight air-intake system, improved cylinder head cooling and a revised piston design.

Yet, impressive as that is, it’s the electric motor that is really a technological marvel. Derived from Formula E technology, it adds 312hp, mounted to the seven-speed gearbox’s input shaft. Power delivery is 8.3kW/kg, giving it twice the efficiency of an average sports car, according to McLaren.

Even the battery system is leading edge. The 1.647kWh pack has the best power-to-weight ratio of any car battery available, with a power density four times that of the unit in the P1 at 5.2kW/kg and an output of 270kW. The battery is permanently immersed in an oil bath and dielectrically cooled for higher efficiency.

The new Speedtail, featuring a center-driver cockpit like that of the legendary F1 and slippery aerodynamics, will have a limited run of just 106 cars built, at £1.75 million (more than $2 million USD) each. And as you’d expect, they’re already sold out.

*Images courtesy of McLaren Automotive

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Singh Shreya
Singh Shreya
2 years ago

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