Featured: Meet The Tyre Kicker Club: A Secretive Meeting Of Motorheads

Meet The Tyre Kicker Club: A Secretive Meeting Of Motorheads

By Ted Gushue
June 22, 2017

Photography by Ted Gushue

A few weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of joining an incredible group of people at Daylesford farm in Gloucestershire, about an hour and a half west of London. While I had to promise to keep the majority of the participants anonymous, it’s no secret that Daylesford is home to the Bamford Auto Department, a collection organized by the Bamford family (all members are active participants in their petrol passion). It’s this family that loosely organized a meeting of motor heads just a few weeks ago.

Alice Bamford backs up DB3S/8 above, while her father Lord Bamford backs up DB3S/2 below.

Naturally a few of the creations from Bamford Watch Department were on hand.

3.0RS sorted out by Tuthill Porsche, George Bamford shouting directions over the din of its six cylinders.

What’s that 356 on the right, could it be a very special Zagato?


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4 years ago

It can be worth to have the roblox hack here as we need them all. This can be whenever we want it to get the robux here.

Jeff Lebowski
Jeff Lebowski
4 years ago

Harry Metcalfe in the Espada, no?

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer(@jack-straw)
4 years ago

Lord Have Mercy……..Those Aston racers are just about too much. Photo #19 put me over the top. Enlarge it and check out the grain in the wood rim wheel!! Fine English double guns rarely have wood that striking. The black spokes and the plaid seats make the package too cool for words. Thanks Ted.

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing the pictures! What an experience this must have been.

Does seeing all of these rare treasures make seeing a more popular car with larger production numbers like a 328gts, or alfa spyder, 914, things like this, feel less special. Like just another car?