Giveaways: MEMBER GIVEAWAY: LGR World Sunglasses Giveaway Winners Announced

MEMBER GIVEAWAY: LGR World Sunglasses Giveaway Winners Announced

By Petrolicious Productions
March 25, 2020

As we’ve been expanding the benefits of Petrolicious Membership, we’ve begun giveaways exclusively for Petrolicious Members. Recently, we announced a partnership with LGR World to giveaway five pairs of their sunglasses, which are handmade in Italy, to Members who answered the following trivia question correctly: In our film featuring a Datsun 240Z, the owner, David Scholz, is wearing a t-shirt featuring a a specific car. What make or brand of car is on his shirt?

The correct answer? Alfa Romeo.

Hundreds of Members were quick to email the correct answer but we randomly selected the following 5 who submitted the correct answers:

  • Christopher – East Norwich, New York
  • Stefan – Livermore, California
  • Mark – Hampshire, United Kingdom
  • Irving – Shoreham, United Kingdom
  • Stephen – Austin, Texas

Want to participate in the next Member Giveaway for a chance to win a gift curated by the Petrolicious team? Become a Petrolicious Member here for access to exclusive films, Drive Tastefully Quarterly, Member pricing in the Petrolicious Shop and more benefits.


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1 year ago

In fact, nowadays you can win much more substantial prizes if you know where of course. I was lucky enough to find DrakeMall and there I already managed to get a brand new console and controllers from the NINTENDO mystery box . I didn’t even expect it to work out and so I basically got a great prize for almost free. By the way they did not delay with the delivery, so I am very grateful for their approach. I recommend these lootboxes.

4 years ago

With thanks to all at Petrolicious and LGR.

4 years ago

Congrats! These glasses are so elegant!

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