Market Finds: Five Italian Two-Doors on eBay

Five Italian Two-Doors on eBay

By Petrolicious Productions
September 24, 2014

As constant as the demand for automobiles has been since their creation, the industry of which they are a product has continually changed. Brands have come and gone, technology has evolved, and consumer tastes have grown more discriminating. Fortunately, manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo and Ferrari still exist. The downside is that advancements such as dual-clutch gearboxes have increasingly taken the place of traditional, engaging manual transmissions. Today, we present a selection of two-door cars created under the green, white, and red stripes of the Italian flag with the signature three pedals of what now seems to be a bygone era. 

The car: 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Price: $8,500 (BIN)

Location: Park City, Utah, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

Logically, a vehicle from yesteryear needs its share of new parts in order to drive into the future. This 112,685-mile Alfa has received several, including its “battery, windshield, … clutch pivot arm, [and] slave cylinder.” Many of the components that haven’t been replaced have held up well. The seller states the “interior is also in great shape. No dash cracks [are present].”

The current owner of this Spider Veloce has owned it for more than half of its life and has maintenance records on it going back at least fourteen years.

The car: 1994 Ferrari 348 Spider

Price: $45,500 (BIN)

Location: Concord, New Hampshire, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

No assortment of Italian cars would be complete without a red prancing horse. Of course, no Ferrari would be complete without fresh rubber with which to grip the road. This 348 Spider’s current owner states he or she “recently put on new rear tires” of the recommended/stock brand size. Its V8 engine runs Mobil 1 synthetic oil and its gearbox’s cogs are lubricated with Red Line fluid. Additionally, the 30,000-mile service was performed 4,000 miles early.

The car: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Price: $36,850 (current bid)

Location: Newport Beach, California, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

Italian cars have a well-deserved reputation for looking–and being–racy. With that in mind, this orange coupe can be considered especially Italian. The seller states, “In 1998[,] this … Alfa was purchased … and converted for racing in historical venues.” That process involved the rebuilding of the transmission and brakes; changing the rear end’s gearing to a lower 5.13 ratio; and the addition of new axle and pinion seals, hoses, and racing springs. A heavy duty clutch was incorporated, too. The interior is equipped with a fire-suppression system and an SCCA-spec roll bar.

The car: 1983 Bertone X1/9

Price: $6,750 (BIN)

Location: Scarsdale, New York, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

Although this targa-topped two-seater has only covered 28,124 miles in the past 31 years, it has been outfitted with a multitude of new mechanical components, such as the alternator, plugs, tires, and clutch. According to the present owner, “New brake and clutch master and slave cylinders were fitted as a precaution.” The five-speed transmission has been re-conditioned and now shifts like a new one.

Inside, there are wear- and tear-free vinyl seats, as well as “original and excellent” carpets. The seals for the doors, trunk, and engine compartment have been replaced.

The car: 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV-6

Price: $10,000 (BIN)

Location: Dublin, California, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

Three years after being featured in the 1983 James Bond movie Octopussy, the Alfa Romeo GTV-6 was discontinued. This particular specimen is from that final model year and has accumulated 86,000 miles since new. As recently as three years ago, it was repainted in its original shade of champagne paint. That’s wrapped around an interior with black leather seats, functional air conditioning, and a new stereo. “This is a perfect, no[-]rust, low[-]mileage[,] all[-]original California car with … lots of new parts,” according to its seller.

If you know of a great, stylish car for sale and would like us to feature it, please let us know!

Petrolicious makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information contained in the car’s original listing, nor will it be held responsible for any errors in said information. If you’re interested in this car, do your homework and research it extensively before you buy.

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Dave Mitchell
Dave Mitchell
9 years ago

Sorry but TJ’s comments are purile drivel.

I have owned Fiats and Alfas since I was 18, I am now 55 and currently have a ’69 AC 124 sport, as well as a couple of ’69 Giulias and a ’03 156. I have had 124s, 125s, 130s, Giulia Super/Ti, Berlina, 1750 GTV, Alfetta (GT and Sedan) as well as a 156 Sportwagon. I have driven and been driven in a huge range of Italian cars, everything from Fiat 850s to Ferrari Dino, Lamborghini Urruco etc.

Yes of course they are not perfect, and sure sadly too many examples have rusted away, but then again so did many other cars from the classic car period (50s to 80’s). These days rust is a non-issue with the new Italian cars. Italian classics come with a huge dose of soul, they touch you like few other cars do. Hence the term for Alfisti being Alfaholics, infected with the virus Alfa. It is true. As Hampster said in talking of the 4C, “you have to love Alfas, its the law”.

His claims about Alfas is just nonsense and not based on fact. Alfas be they classic models or modern are no worse than any other car. In fact, my Alfas have all been incredibly reliable and as far as the comment on them being money pits, that is just plain incorrect. Parts are not only readily available (via a huge range of specialist providers) but as well normal serving costs are perfectly fine and definitely no worse than any other “normal” (read white goods) car.

As for his comments about the X1/9 again that is pure rubbish. The X1/9 is a fantastic sports car, it handles brilliantly, is incredibly strong, and the only detrimental thing about it perhaps is that it could have had a more potent engine. But aside from that they are a great little classic car.

The GTV6 has one of the most sublime engines ever in the 2.5V6, and with relatively minor tweaking to the front suspension you have not just a really good touring GT, but as well a decent sporting car.

So TJ next time you want to deride classics, do it with some first hand knowledge. Not your biases showing.

Paulo Ferreira
Paulo Ferreira
9 years ago

My first ever car was an second was an Alfa spyder duetto that i bought from a Lady that never ever drove it under the rain with just 26000 km. The engines where magnificent ,very strong and robust. The Alfasud of my teen years was completely rusted and didn’t past the regulation test anymore( in Europe) so i left it in a barn belonging to a neighbour ( i just couldn’t get separated off it) after 6 month i started the car again and big surprise it started right away.
The problem of Alfa’s is not the engines they are strong and powerful , if you take care off them they dont let you down( just check the oil level time to time bc they like oil a lot) but for the rest its a strong drive.

9 years ago

Later Spiders are pretty okay, actually, especially the one with Bosch Motronic injections. I actually didn’t have a whole lot of trouble with it, though, yes, proper parts tend to be pretty expensive. As for 348, it’s a rubbish. It ruined my Ferrari dream, one car I kind of wish that I never drove.

9 years ago

With regard to TJ Martin, I find the commentary entertainingly predictable but of little relevance for those interested in a conveyance which stirs the passions. If you want something sensible get a used Corolla and please bleet on about what a great ‘deal’ it was.

TJ Martin
TJ Martin
9 years ago

So here’s my advice ;

Alfa Spider – Unless you’re an adept mechanic with a full compliment of tools … think twice . Alfa’s … all Alfa’s are money pits . Enjoyable money pits … yes . But money pits never the less

Ferrari 348 Spider – Pass ! Its a financial black hole with less than zero collectable status

Alfa G.S. – If you’ve got the cash and the ability to keep it running …. grab it

FIAT/Bertone X1/9 – For the love of god ! Pass ! The only thing worse than the FIAT X1/9’s were the end of run Bertone travesties

Alfa GTV6 – See my comments on the Spider . Factor in the reality that the car is ten times more complex and much more expensive to keep running . And think twice before falling for Alfa Lust .

Fuzzy Eyeballs
Fuzzy Eyeballs
9 years ago
Reply to  TJ Martin

I have to ask why you, TJ, why you consider yourself the expert on all things automotive? I mean – your opinion is no less valid that my own but I have to note that you’ve gone passive aggressive on every post today. Petrolicious has no responsibility to point out that cars are, ‘money pits’ or ‘financial black holes’ – in my experience enthusiast car ownership comes with substantial costs, which I’m happy to take on because of my passion.

Ae Neuman
Ae Neuman
9 years ago
Reply to  Fuzzy Eyeballs

i like tj’s post – he provides a respite from the rose-tinted glasses that many car enthusiasts are blinkered with.
and i think petrolicious does have a responsibility to point out the black holes in an objective manner.

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