News: Michelin Supercar Paddock Returns To Goodwood Bigger And Better Than Before

Michelin Supercar Paddock Returns To Goodwood Bigger And Better Than Before

By News Desk
July 4, 2019

The Michelin Supercar Paddock will be back at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week right next to the start line and will feature an even bigger selection of cars as well as an immersive walkthrough experience for fans. Multiple supercar debuts, as well as celebrity guest appearances, are planned, and visitors will be able to select a Michelin Supercar Paddock Showstopper during the motorsport festival. Among the vehicles confirmed for the event is the Prato Orage, a limited-production 8.1-liter French supercar producing 912hp and 737 lb-ft of torque, which made it the most powerful naturally-aspirated V8 at its launch.

Another rare car from a start-up brand is the W Motors Fenyr Supersport, an even more extreme version of its predecessor the Lykan Hypersport. The Fenyr has a Porsche-derived 800hp 3.8-liter twin-turbo engine, which gives it 250mph top speed capability and stunning acceleration that will be put to good use at the FOS.

Another Porsche-based supercar on display will be the Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design. This Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS) variant features a 507hp 4.0-liter naturally-aspirated flat-six designed by Williams Advanced Engineering. Porsche too will have one of their modern 935 models on display, inspired by the legendary ’70s race cars this version is a track-only homage using the modern underpinnings of a 911 GT2 RS. Just 77 examples will be built but that still makes this 935 look like a mass-production model next to the machines it will be sharing the supercar paddock with, like the Koenigsegg Agera RSN and Apollo Intensa Emozione.

The recently announced 608hp naturally-aspirated V8 Ginetta Akula is another powerful supercar designed for ultimate lap times, achieved through intelligent lightweight design and advanced aerodynamics. The future of the supercar will be represented by the Charge Mustang, a fully electric four-wheel-drive machine clothed in the body of the classic original, and the insane Dendrobium D-1, a 1824hp electric monster. Of all the cars in the supercar paddock, this is perhaps the one which needs Michelin’s tire technology the most thanks to its gargantuan 1475lb-ft of torque.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed runs from 4 to 7 July and there is limited availability of tickets for most days at the time of writing.

Images courtesy of Goodwood Festival of Speed and Michelin

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