Journal: Midnight Rendezvous

Midnight Rendezvous

By Petrolicious Productions
March 11, 2013

Meet Joseph. A man of impeccable taste and few words, Joseph doesn’t like very much attention. We’re unsure of his motives for maintaining such a clandestine profile, but we’ve done some speculating. Is he trying to get away from his past? Is he on the lookout for someone? Is he dangerous? All we know is that we’re lucky to have caught up with him and his Alfa Romeo Giulia Super for a brief rendezvous in Downtown Los Angeles after midnight.

– – –

Q: Why is the Giulia your vehicle of choice?

A: In one word: handling. For my work, I need a car that drives like it’s on rails.

Another reason is that no one suspects a box like this is packed with performance, and that fits my needs just well.

I like small compact cars with four doors. If they made something smaller, I’d probably get it.

Q: What is your favorite drive or destination?

A: Anywhere away from crowds. I can’t stand crowds.

I enjoy driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to Carpinteria to visit my cousin and from there drive up the 154 to Lake Cachuma Drive and all the way up to Santa Ynez. The Super loves to go uphill.

Q: Who is your ideal passenger in the Giulia?

A: Good question. Let’s see. Actually, no one. I just want to hear the engine and talk to nobody. It’s a great escape.

Q: With your car, is it a short term fling or long term affair?

A: This one is definitely a keeper, unless of course I come across another project that captivates me. Maybe at that point the new project might take priority.

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8 years ago

Fantastic imagery, in both photo and words. Makes me want my own Guilia Super to cruise through the Canyons!
Great work, Joseph!

jojo Alfa
jojo Alfa(@redgtv)
8 years ago

I have seen Joseph’s Giulia restoration process from head to toe. One of the nicest classic example Giulia’s ever with 1600cc engine. 😀

mel markowitz
mel markowitz(@melvinmarkowitz)
8 years ago

Thank you for showing me what a Giulia super should be like. I have been looking in the Berkeley area since I live in Martinez and nothing compares to what you have Joseph, I take my hat off to you in what you have done to make it look as great as it does. We all have dreams and my dream is to own your car…so I bought a lotto and mega ticket. So that when I go back to the bay area I will be driving in style.

Inigo Loy Colmenar
Inigo Loy Colmenar(@fb_758048858)
8 years ago

Once you’ve found the right car, it becomes a lifetime relationship.

Derek Entesano
Derek Entesano(@fb_571286788)
8 years ago

I love it! That is a cracking car. Joseph looks like a real dude. Love the cigar. Photography is superb as well. Identical to mine, only that the steering wheel is on the opposite side… Mine is nearly back on the road. Been saying that for a few years… [url=””][/url]

Gerard Kassabian
Gerard Kassabian(@gkassabian)
8 years ago

What a handsome car, Joseph! 😉 Keep up the good work.

Mike Cassidy
Mike Cassidy(@digitalcassidy)
8 years ago

Fantastic Alfa! This Giulia Super is in showroom condition… I need one!!!!!

Fred Frey
Fred Frey(@fredfrey)
8 years ago

Thanks for the Giulia Super coverage. Of all the Alfas I own (or owned) the Super is the best all-around performer. Extremely comfortable when cruising – surprisingly fast and agile when needing to make a fast get away.
Fellow alfisit: we’re driving from NY to California this summer in our Super – [url=””]follow along[/url]!