Journal: Mondays Suck, So Here’s Amazing Footage Of The 1963 Le Mans

Mondays Suck, So Here’s Amazing Footage Of The 1963 Le Mans

Michael Banovsky By Michael Banovsky
November 13, 2015

While nearly eight minutes of beautiful footage from Le Mans is worth sharing all by itself, it was wonderful to discover that the vintage newsreel, er, “cinematic journalism” provider British Pathé had uploaded much more to its YouTube Channel.

The documentary has beautiful shots, great commentary, and easily makes us nostalgic for an era we’ll never experience. But almost as compelling is the huge amount of additional, sound-less B-Roll footage that shows Le Mans from every conceivable angle.

Graham Hill cleaning his goggles? The famous running start? A man who cooked several chickens on a skewer at the fairgrounds? It’s all there.

Even though you can’t travel back in time, spend a few minutes easing into your week—we’ll forgive you for imagining you’ve just spent the weekend at Circuit de la Sarthe.

H/T to British Pathé on YouTube


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Aston Martin DP214!


I was ten years old and living in Belgium. I recall those racing days fondly. The Crêpe Suzettes were outstanding for lunch. My track has always been Spa Francorchamps but Le Mans came in second.
Thanks for the memories! Nice clip!


There really isn’t enough accordion music at the event these days…

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson

This video looks awesome. I was definitely born too late. Mid century was so cool, so many benefits of technology without being dominated by it. People are flying in to watch cars go 180mph while they eat chicken roasted over a fire, drink wine they probably got from the vintner and talk and enjoy life with the people they’re with. What a great balance of the old and the new and not a cell phone in sight. My god, how could they live like that!

Tony Karnezis
Tony Karnezis

Love the footage and the commentary – Alfa Romeos destined for disappointment.