Travel: Monterey Parking Lots Are A Sight To Behold

Monterey Parking Lots Are A Sight To Behold

By Petrolicious Productions
August 18, 2015

Story by Stewart Perry and photography by Ross Perry

Between the plethora of modern luxury and supercars—and what seems like every rental car in the United States—there are many interesting and sometimes unusual automobiles being driven between the eclectic events at Monterey Peninsula. As the events themselves often attract the world’s most incredible machines, racers, collectors, and personalities, it’s only fitting that the parking lot would provide an incredible amount of eye candy.

Here and there, classics were scattered like confetti, which produced a number of interesting observations, for instance, how many a supercar was dwarfed by a nearby truck in the parking lot.

What stood out? A Jaguar E Type Series 1 resting among the trees, and a 1915 T Model Ford driven from Dearborn, MI took pride of place on Thursday. Then, to satisfy air-cooled curiosities, we saw a bright orange Baja-modified Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, a patina’d 23 window VW Kombi, and a sky high rally Porsche 911 were also providing transport for their custodians.

Other highlights include an amazingly-restored Toyota 55-series Land Cruiser and a Sunbeam Tiger with a factory hardtop sat atop the hill at Mazda Raceway Leguna Seca, and where bizarre ’90s Honda EZ90 “Cub” pit bikes were ridden around.

Not even the mechanics looked out of place: support was given to racers by a very rare Carrozzeria Colli coachbuilt Alfa Romeo Giulia Super panel wagon, while another team had a beautiful blue Plymouth Barracuda at its disposal.

For the biggest event of the weekend, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, you’d expect the parking lot to house some gems, and you’d be right: a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing” (as-seen in The Quail show on Friday) and a fuel injected C2 Chevrolet Corvette were among other classics scattered around. That particular lot also led to our jaws dropping at the sight of a one-of-just-387-made Ferrari 365 GT4 BBs and a one-of-one ICON Derelict 1952 Chrysler DeSoto station wagon with a gold tooth in its grill. Patiently waiting for its owners return? A suitably British Aston Martin shop truck the humble Austin A30 Van.

Whether it was at Laguna Seca or in a shopping plaza, classic cars were, as you’d expect, everywhere in Monterey. Even better is that the parking lots prove some owners use their cherished classics as “just” cars. That said, let’s hope these vehicles got home without suffering any door dings!

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Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
8 years ago

Drove up the coastline with a good friend back in the day for the Historics. Didn’t have a hotel reservation (duh!) and finally spent a long, uncomfortable night in the car (a 1965 Mustang). That was thirty years ago. I’m sure we looked like a couple of rough teenage beatniks camped out in some parking lot with barely two nickels to rub together… but we made it to the track early!

The track was different back then.

I also remember the drive back with the heater on and the windows rolled down… 😉 Summertime.

Young and dumb. At least I’m older now.

Jim Valcarcel
Jim Valcarcel
8 years ago

How true this little article is and the photographs are fantastic! Indeed all you need to do is show up that week in the little town of Carmel and the entire week you will enjoy seeing every kind of car you can think of. And they are just parked on the street. It costs not one penny and sometimes it can be overwhelming to see all these fantastics cars parked where other “normal” cars are parked. It’s funny because anywhere else you would see one of these cars and they would stop you dead in your tracks! But here you’ll see car after car after car and they ALL stop you dead in their tracks! Everywhere it’s a free car show!! Fantastic.

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