Journal: The Most Iconic Ferrari in the World

The Most Iconic Ferrari in the World

By Petrolicious Productions
March 1, 2013

An empty Goodwood track is the stuff of dreams.  An empty Goodwood track combined with one of the most iconic Ferrari’s in the world provides a rare visual treat. DK Engineering has been housing Sir Stirling Moss’s #7 for over thirty years and couldn’t resist taking it back to its spiritual home.

Enjoy the video below by DK Engineering and have a great weekend!

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Chris Macha
Chris Macha
11 years ago

It appears to be correct now……

Greg Wells
Greg Wells
11 years ago

You should be pretty embarrassed at misspelling such a well-known iconic driver’s name…

Matthew Lange
11 years ago
Reply to  Greg Wells

Could be worse Road and Track have a link to this video too, only they called the car a 250GTO even though it’s a 250SWB!

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