Featured: Motorcar Mugshots: Our Favorite Faces At The La Jolla Concours

Motorcar Mugshots: Our Favorite Faces At The La Jolla Concours

By Andrew Golseth
April 10, 2017

Photography by Andrew Golseth

They say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but I can’t help but beg to differ when it comes to judging cars. Speaking of judging, this past Sunday was the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance—a relatively small but rapidly growing automotive spectacle held on La Jolla Cove’s Rocky Point oceanfront greenery. Hundreds of classic cars, vintage airplanes flying overhead, cold drinks, tasty grub, and good company make it a must-go event for Southern Californian petrolheads. Needless to say, it’s a splendid place to spend your Sunday.

With so many manufacturers, dealers, vendors, and spectators in attendance, capturing the characters of the cars on display can be a challenge. Aside from logging wheel time, there’s no better way to reveal an automobile’s personality than squaring it up for a mugshot. The grilles, lights, bumpers, emblems, brightwork, and the way the fenders and hood meet the fascia is unique and telling on every auto—so I put the suspects on lineup. Here were my favorite faces at the La Jolla Concours—what are yours?


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6 years ago

Can you help me – the car after the Cobra with 1 Snake plate, what is that? I’m talking about the one with backward-opening doors.

6 years ago
Reply to  JB21

Golseth, thank you for the information! That door, I didn’t know that it sort of swings out forward. A cool car, in a sort of way that Lykan or Vector were.
I spent a short time at the website, and was quite encouraged by the fact that there is a financing offer for it, $45k down, $1,550 per month for 144 month at 5.66%.

Nicolas Moss
Nicolas Moss
6 years ago

Dang you must have been sore the next day getting all those low shots of lower cars.