Featured: Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari Celebrates All Modenese Motor Culture

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari Celebrates All Modenese Motor Culture

By Petrolicious Productions
June 3, 2013

Modena is holy land for us Petrolista. If you ever have the means, the car gods require of you at least one lifetime pilgrimage to the hallowed “Motor Valley”.

Set amongst the idyllic, verdant, rolling hills of the southern Po Valley, Modena rests in the heart of Northern Italy. Within a circle no bigger than 10 kilometers rests the factories and headquarters of Ferrari, Lamborghini, De Tomaso, Pagani, and Maserati, not to mention dozens of important subcontractors, engineering firms, and carrozzeria associated with Modena’s historic role as the world’s motorsport mecca.

Opened in 2012, the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena is comprised of Ferrari’s birthplace and childhood home, as well as an adjacent 6000-square-meter complex housing not only historic Ferraris and the many objects associated with that firm’s glorious history, but also serves to celebrate Modenese automotive culture at large. Under one ultra-modern roof, built as the winner of an international architecture competition for the space, visitors can experience first hand the artifacts and machines instrumental in the history of Modena’s storied marques against the backdrop of a minimalist masterpiece.

In upcoming Quick Takes, we’ll share our conversations with Jonathan Giacobazzi, collector and curator of many of the museo’s most prized possessions, chief among them F1 cars formerly driven by Villeneuve and Senna. Mr. Giacobazzi’s family were major F1 sponsors during his youth, and grew up among these legendary champions and their teams—his interview is full of the kind of fascinating insight only an insider such as himself could possess.

In another Quick Take soon to be published, we speak with Ferrari Formula One engineering great Mauro Forghieri. He shares his unique perspective on F1 of his era relative to modern times, and quite a few rather funny anecdotes as well. His personal involvement with Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari is representative of the authenticity and expertise instrumental in its status as one of the greatest motorsport museums on Earth.

We are very grateful for the wonderful opportunity to visit this magical, reverent place during our recent trip to Italy, and for the chance to interview several key figures involved in the museum and the history of several of the hallowed makes celebrated within its walls.

Petrolicious would like to thank the Board of the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari for the invitation.  We especially thank Maja Argenziano for her enthusiasm and invaluable assistance in coordinating and organizing our visit. 

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari

Via Paolo Ferrari 85

41121 Modena, Italy

T+39 059 4397979

F+39 059 245267


Photography by Afshin Behnia and Josh Clason

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5 years ago

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Jorge Rueda
Jorge Rueda
7 years ago

Can’t wait to come here!

10 years ago

This is like, the Tifosi promised land. Holy crap.

Derek Jarman
Derek Jarman
11 years ago

Just added one more place to see when I got to Italy next year! Can’t wait!!!

Andrew TheBoss
Andrew TheBoss
11 years ago
Reply to  Derek Jarman

If u want to visit more interesting places ask to me 🙂

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
11 years ago

This is what I’ve been waiting for.
Can’t wait to hear the stories!
Denny Hulme!

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