News: NASCAR Adds Some Muscle To The 2019 Goodwood Members’ Meeting

NASCAR Adds Some Muscle To The 2019 Goodwood Members’ Meeting

By News Desk
December 13, 2018

Images courtesy of Goodwood

The Goodwood Members’ Meeting is firmly established as historic racing’s annual curtain-raiser. The exclusive event open primarily to Goodwood’s members boasts of its ability to recreate the race meetings held at the circuit in the 1950s and ‘60s. Yet the next Members’ Meeting taking place in the spring of 2019 will have something very different added, with raucous high-speed and high-noise American muscle from an on-track NASCAR demonstration. Goodwood organisers have confirmed that the demo will take place on the Goodwood Motor Circuit on both days of the 77th Members’ Meeting on April 6 and 7, and that more than a dozen NASCAR trucks and cars are expected to take part.

The stock cars will gather on the Goodwood grid before what organisers promise will be a “high-speed, high-volume” demonstration around the circuit. Contemporary NASCAR engines boast around 850bhp from 5.8-litre pushrod V8s, and can hit around 200mph in a straight line. “It certainly won’t be for the faint-hearted!” promised Goodwood’s motorsport content manager Matt Hearn of the demo. “I think for most fans NASCAR is all about the noise, and we will have that in abundance. The old-school pushrod V8 design is one of the greatest sounding engines of all time, and having over a dozen of them on track at once is sure to stop everyone in their tracks.”

NASCAR machines have made individual appearances at previous Members’ Meetings, most recently in Emanuele Pirro’s hands at the event earlier this year. But this will be the first occasion on which multiple examples of the wild vehicles will have assembled on-track. The NASCAR demonstration is in addition to two other high-speed demos already confirmed for the event that also promise to be exciting affairs–one of BMW M1 Procars and one for Le Mans Prototypes. The BMW M1 Procar parade marks the 40th anniversary of the first race of the unique championship in which F1 drivers in 1979 and ’80 took each other on in BMW M1 supercars–tuned up especially by Ron Dennis’s Project 4 team–as a support event at grand prix weekends. Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet took the two Procar titles, though sadly the championship folded at the end of 1980 when BMW pulled its support.

Goodwood also confirmed its full 12-race programme for this latest Members’ Meeting, with three new races this time: the Betty Richmond Trophy, for Mini saloons and variants; the John Duff Trophy for pre-1930 vintage racers; and the Sheene Trophy for 750cc bikes. In addition the fan-favourite SF Edge Trophy for Edwardian Specials makes a return to the itinerary. Even with the NASCAR departure, the event should as ever provide plenty of close and evocative racing from cars and bikes representing a variety of eras. Tickets to the latest Members’ Meeting are available now to Goodwood Road Racing Club and Fellowship Members.

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jean caron
jean caron(@gustos32)
1 year ago

sadly I saw the NASCAR cars at the Member’s Meeting, thankfully I went inside the Shell building for a beer, was not going to waste my time watching drivers doing donuts on the track, I was there to see some racing, not some deal mobiles trying to convince people that they are race cars. Goodwood would do well to tell them to stay home.

Harv Falkenstine
Harv Falkenstine(@harv)
3 years ago

Hardley.T.Whipsnade III, Guitar Slinger, Kafka – the keyboard warrior returns. Goodwood has hosted NASCAR several times over the last decade and the attendees enjoyed meeting the drivers and seeing the cars. Enjoyment is why Petrolicious is popular and it is that sensation which ceases when your latest comments appear. I feel bad for the contributors to this unique site when your comments reappear and you berate their work, opinions etc. You must be that individual when a family gets together, the first question everyone asks is “Hardley” going to be there and they come up with a convenient excuse not to attend. I have noticed the same tendency here on this blog…so If you are going to be at the “table” most of us will just spend this “holiday” somewhere else. Online bullies, especially those who hide behind pseudonyms ruin this forum .

Afshin Behnia
Afshin Behnia
3 years ago

Thank you, Harv! GS’s new account has now been disabled. Again.

Hardley.T.Whipsnade III
Hardley.T.Whipsnade III(@hardley-t-whipsnade-iii)
3 years ago

NASCAR . Otherwise known as the ” Dead Man Walking ” of motorsports having been consumed by their own corporate cronyism tactics now desperate for any shred of publicity available regardless of the cost or irrelevancy involved . And shame on Goodwood for letting them in the door ( so much for British taste and reserve )