News: New Engine Taken To Russia In Personal Luggage To Keep Renee Brinkerhoff's Porsche 356 On The Peking To Paris

New Engine Taken To Russia In Personal Luggage To Keep Renee Brinkerhoff’s Porsche 356 On The Peking To Paris

By News Desk
July 2, 2019

The 2019 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is a torturous 36-day rally covering almost 10,000-miles of ice covered passes, chassis-rattling desert paths and just about everything in-between. Renee Brinkerhoff and her 1956 Porsche 356A are taking on this arduous journey not just to conquer the elements but to share her mission of helping to end child trafficking at every stop along the way.

Out of 110 entrants, Renee is one of just four women competing in the event, and this Colorado-based racer and philanthropist has been using her rally career as a platform to further her non-profit ‘Valkyrie Gives ‘charity’s goals. She has so far raised over $100,000 during the course of 2019. These funds are distributed through practical gifts and educational sessions along the Peking to Paris route.

While Renee and her team are experienced competitors—they have achieved class wins and podium placings in all four of the La Carrera Panamericana rallies they have competed in—external support is sometimes called upon. In the case of the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge this happened when Renee’s trusty 356A required an engine rebuild after the dirt clogged the carburetors driving through Mongolia.

The help came from halfway across the world: Francis Tuthill of Tuthill Porsche in the UK sourced a new engine and packed it into his luggage to deliver it to Russia. Unfortunately, the baggage check-in at the UK airport required Tuthill to dismantle the engine because it was 8lbs overweight. It took 11 hours to put it back together once in Russia, before being fitted to Renee’s 356 at the Primorsky Porsche dealership. “We’re extremely thankful that Francis Tuthill was able to bring a new engine all the way from the UK in his luggage,” said Renee.


With the event having already wound its way through China, Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan during its first 26 days, Renee and her newly repaired Porsche are well set for the final leg. Once this adventure is completed, Valkyrie Racing will be onto the East African Classic in November where Renee’s efforts will be supporting a charity that rescues and houses young girls. With such noble causes to race for, we wish Renee and her team the best.

Images courtesy of Valkyrie Racing

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Fern Altenwerth
Fern Altenwerth
3 years ago

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Janis Pecha Petersons
Janis Pecha Petersons
4 years ago

I thought that I saw this car in Riga. 🙂

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