Gear: New Jaguar Racing Prints From Guy Allen Are Available In The Shop

New Jaguar Racing Prints From Guy Allen Are Available In The Shop

By Alex Sobran
August 31, 2017

Find these and the rest of our collection of Guy Allen’s artwork in the Shop

Guy Allen is an artist who can merge simplicity and depth like few others. But what does that mean? His graphic artwork makes use of simple blocks of color with minimal embellishments, save for a maybe a reflection or two, and the shadows on the cars he works with are achieved without gradients. In other words, there isn’t a competition between the pieces that make up the larger one. But there is also a sense of dynamism in his work. The way he layers on the opaque colors to form the Jaguars here is akin to the way a vinyl artist might stack strips of the material to create the a more natural look. These works also showcase a thoughtful relationship between subject and background; each piece uses a splash of the car’s color in the setting to add a bit of highlight to the abstract settings that evoke the racing lives led by these storied competitors. 

Jaguar C-Type

The D-Type deserves its fame, but the C-Type deserves more of its own, lest we forget that this was a two-time overall 24 Hours of Le Mans champion. The aluminum-bodied Jag earned the marque a win at the famous day-long race in 1951 (in its debut) and in 1953, it won again, while also becoming the first car to achieve such a feat with an average speed above 100mph. Many of the canonized greats had seat time in C-Types, and names like Moss and Hill only add to the pedigree of what should be remembered as a lauded example of both Jaguar and overall British racing prowess from a period that could be considered the peak.

Jaguar D-Type

Before the prototypes at Le Mans had the mandated stabilizer spines fixed to their backs, there was Jaguar doing something similar, and doing so in a much prettier form. This predatory and shark-like look of the car was backed up by a supreme level of performance and longevity that saw the D-Type take three overall victories at the 24 Hours. Quite the performer. Also quite the looker; the car presents itself almost as one big flowing curve that seemingly has no end nor beginning save for that dorsal fin, and yet despite the rounded body and diminutive size, it looks fierce. Perhaps that is influenced by the knowledge of its racing pedigree, but only the less sane of us would ever call this car anything but gorgeous.

Jaguar E-Type

Whenever you hear the words “British sports car,” this is the image that should pop into mind: a long and prominent hood extending out like a metallic tongue from a cockpit set rearward over a set of wire wheels. The E-Type is arguably the paragon of Jaguar design, from its own or any period thereafter. Few cars can play around with conventional proportions like an E-Type coupe and get away with it while looking this good. Couple its undeniable elegance with a formidable presence on race tracks around the world like the Circuit de la Sarthe, the Nürburgring, Sebring, and Daytona, and you’re left with a machine whose form and function are on equally elevated planes.

Find these and the rest of our collection of Guy Allen’s artwork in the Shop

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2 years ago

Great art!

5 years ago

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A Ahad Rezwan
A Ahad Rezwan
6 years ago

Excellent Design And Nice Looking.