Gear: New Porsche Keys And Books Are In Stock In The Petrolicious Shop

New Porsche Keys And Books Are In Stock In The Petrolicious Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
August 15, 2019

Today we’ve added two more Porsche-inspired products to the Petrolicious Shop—one for you keyring and one for your coffee table. One to enhance your air-cooled ownership experience, one to provide better reading material than that stack of old magazines. From Motor Affair’s Flat 6 line of vintage-style Porsche accessories we have a new black version of the aluminum ignition key, and from publisher Delius Klasing we’ve added 70 Years of Porsche Sportscars to our library.

Black Flat 6 Key (click here for purchasing details)

Function and beauty are inseparable when the function in question is starting up a Porsche. That said, a worn-out stock key, or worse, a valet spare or random hardware store special, can be an eyesore. A dingy bit of plastic and metal shouldn’t stop you from wanting to go for a drive, but the details add up and this detail happens to be the first of many. After all, the key is the first tactile connection we have to our cars, so why shouldn’t we start (literally) with something beautiful? As Flat Six Keys creator Patrick Stevenson puts it: Porsche’s air-cooled sports cars evoke passion, and so should the keys that start them.

Note: in addition to the silver and gold versions, the black Flat 6 key is exclusively sold through Petrolicious, and all three are being sold at a discount until Sunday in honor of Monterey Car Week. If you happen to be attending the Werks Reunion on Friday the 16th, stop by the Petrolicious tent to check the keys out in person. Flat 6 keys fit all 1970-1998 Porsche 911, 912E, and 914 models regardless of cylinder count.

70 Years of Porsche Sportscars (click here for purchasing details)

Ferdinand Porsche reinvented the sports car in 1948 with the Type 356. The first production road cars to bear the Porsche name were constructed in the Austrian town of Gmünd, and just 15 years later the company had built upon its cumulative knowledge to birth the most iconic sports car of all time: the 911. From there on out, Porsche’s impacts in the sports car market and on the race track have been consistently bar-raising. The marque’s general history is well known, but the sheer diversity of its creations means that every chapter of the Porsche story is one that warrants its own book.

A comprehensive retelling of all that’s happened under the Porsche name could probably compete with the Encyclopedia for page count, but these 300 do a fine job of hitting the most salient and interesting pieces of the company lore, with 150 color photographs to illustrate everything from hand-beaten bodywork to Le Mans-winners shaped by computational fluid dynamics tests as the book examines the brand from the perspective of the people who built it, the people who compete for it, and the people who’ve made it a part of their lives in any other number of ways.

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Sharon Rema
Sharon Rema
4 years ago

Quais os produtos que você trouxe! Realmente apreciável. Eu sempre gosto de visitar Petrolicious para saber sobre seus produtos. E obviamente, esses dois novos produtos atingirão a Petrolicious em novas dimensões. Além da minha carreira como escritora em, sou amante de carros esportivos. Eu gosto de ter um novo carro esportivo e certamente vou tentar ter este novo da Petrolicious.

Greg Paules
Greg Paules
4 years ago

Thanks Sarah, I appreciate the response. I’d love to get one of these that could be machined to fit my 1964 Corvette

Greg Paules
Greg Paules
4 years ago

Can the keys be machined for use on any classic, or is there something that makes them uniquely useable on Porsche?