Gear: New Prints From Remove Before Have Been Added To The Shop

New Prints From Remove Before Have Been Added To The Shop

By Alex Sobran
July 27, 2017

These, and the rest of our collection of Remove Before’s prints can be found in the Petrolicious Shop

Cars are machines, and machines are not human, these are obvious facts. Most machines only impact humans through cold utility and assistance that when performed well hides the performer’s existence from our attention, but cars are special in this category, cars excite. And all of the emotions and sensations that they pull out of us so effortlessly can make it easy to regard our favorite ones as being somehow “beyond” their component metal and rubber and plastic. It’s no rarity to hear of owners giving them names and sheepish-pridefully admitting how much they love them—and this dedication to cars is what we’re all about—but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating these machines for what they are. This series of clinical, diagrammatic prints from Remove Before does a fine job of this.

The perpendicular and head-on, 2-D nature of these much-loved sports and super cars is a sterile perspective, and with the cars all being quite literally “bodies in white” created with only a few black lines to distinguish them against the bright lab-like background, there is a very definite clean theme going on here. We are accustomed to seeing these cars in color, surrounded indiscriminately by motion blur and “speed lines,” and these attempts to capture visually what these cars conjure in our minds can be as compelling as any, but the mostly black and white prints shown here give us a unique look; the cars, and just the cars. Presented without idyllic settings or on race tracks, and with only the smallest garnish of color, Remove Before mixes minimalist style with some very maximum machinery.

Decidedly in line with the aesthetic, the Lamborghini Countach’s origami body is a great candidate for the front-side-rear layout, as these angles show off the differences in design across the car in separate, compartmentalized ways. Though some prefer the purer presence of the narrow-body early Countaches, this later variant with the aggressive flares and the massive limo-antenna-style wing is much better suited to the high-contrast look. 

This is similar for the F40, but besides that, it’s refreshing to see some artwork being made of this full-sized go-kart without any Rosso Corso for a change. It is striking how different one car can look from multiple angles, and the F40 especially so; many people associate Enzo’s last car with tons of slats and ducts all over the place, but there are distinct shapes in the car’s broader form that shine through all the venting.

The choice of the two icons of wedge design (one a forebear and the other a scion) is rounded out with the inclusion of the swept and bulbous shape of Porsche’s first Turbo, the 930. At once happy and eager with its cheerful-looking front end, and then pure business in the rear end with the tray-table wing and dual exhaust sending out that unique flat-six turbo’s chant at every car being passed by the Teutonic titan. 

And if you’re looking to get some track stuff in between the super production cars, plus a little color to balance out the collection, you might like some of the Remove Before prints that we’ve been carrying already!

These, and the rest of our collection of Remove Before’s prints can be found in the Petrolicious Shop

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henry dsouza
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