Journal: Nine Classics Found On The Road

Nine Classics Found On The Road

By Petrolicious Productions
July 29, 2015

The summer is a great time to unexpectedly encounter classic cars.

Whether captured by their owners or a curious passerby, this week’s Instagram roundup focuses attention on vehicles found on the road—with minimal staging. From a stunning Citroën DS in Los Angeles to a Lada 2101 that looks better-than-new, these are our picks from our #drivetastefully tag on Instagram.

Mercedes-Benz’ history is often disproportionately skewed toward its racing efforts, but more normal sedans like the 170 are desirable in their own way. @lancaster_spotting captured this one. @bridif took this great shot of a BMW 2002 that looks oddly at home in front of a diner, and @pynhead got a photo during a drive deep “in the wilds of Los Angeles”.

From the Australia Classic rally, @australiaclassic shares this nice Datsun 240Z. Is there a more iconic ’80s shape than the Audi Quattro? Here, @nutschell gives us reason answer, “No.” And for something completely different, @sidpandey1 shows that a Los Angeles-style, surfer-ized Volkswagen Beetle can even look at home…in Dubai.

What do we have here? A beautiful Lada 2101, of course, courtesy of @m.sob. @monsieurmagazine got a nice shot of a Triumph TR4a looking at home on Paris streets. Finally, for another atypical classic, how’s an Opel Ascona B? @thomasrofstad shot this tastefully modified one.

Remember, tag your photos with #drivetastefully on Instagram and don’t be surprised if we feature your work in an upcoming edition.

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