Journal: Novitec Takes The Ferrari 812 To The Next Level With Its N-Largo Package

Novitec Takes The Ferrari 812 To The Next Level With Its N-Largo Package

By News Desk
May 29, 2019

Novitec has been providing subtle but stylish upgrades for a number of the more popular luxury and supercar brands out there for a number of years. Many people are happy with a set of new wheels and lowered suspension but for customers wanting something a little bit more, they have their range of N-Largo Widebody kits. The conversion not only adds far more visual aggression to the vehicle it is fitted to but can also be paired with power and handling upgrades too. Having already developed N-Largo kits for the California T, 488 and F12, it Novitec has now released a kit for Ferrari’s range-topping 812 Superfast, called the 812 N-Largo. It may have dropped the ‘Superfast’ moniker, but it is even more extreme than ever.

Collaborating with Vittorio Strosek, the man behind some of the ‘90s most outlandish modified Porsches, Novitec developed a widebody conversion for the 812 that took the basic design to a new level. The kit adds 5.5 inches to the width of the car and both the front and rear have been completely redesigned, while carbon-fiber rocker panels help channel air along the side of the car while a massive rear wing keeps everything firmly pressed to the ground at speed. To back up the more aggressive looks the 812’s 6.5-liter V12 gets new mapping for its control unit and a less restrictive (read louder) sports exhaust system which help to liberate an additional 51hp and 23lb-ft of torque. That means a huge 840hp and 553lb-ft, giving a 0-62mph time of 2.8-seconds (0.1-seconds quicker) and a top speed of 214mph (up 3mph).

The suspension has also been modified and now sits 0.5in (14mm) closer to the ground and also incorporates a front lift system to help protect that expensive new bodykit. A set of Novitec NF 10 NL forged wheels in 21 or 22-inch sizes finish off the exterior changes. As for the interior, Novitec offers a broad range of bespoke solutions for its customers. To show just how broad, it decided to finish this car off with quilted purple seat, center console, and ceiling inserts. Hopefully, the owners of the limited run of 18 customer cars will stick to less extreme color palettes.

Images courtesy of Novitec

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Stephan P
Stephan P
5 years ago

14 inches closer to the ground? The factory version must be a real off roader.

Jim Levitt
Jim Levitt
5 years ago
Reply to  Stephan P

Fixed. Says 1.4″ now.
As for the car, that wing is uglyyyyyy. Perhaps painted body color would make it more invisible…
if it’s really necessary!

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