News: Now There’s A Carbon Fiber Body Kit For Your Vintage Alfa

Now There’s A Carbon Fiber Body Kit For Your Vintage Alfa

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March 11, 2020

For those who are truly serious about racing their 1960s Alfa Romeo Giulia and more interested in lap times than accurate, concours-style restorations, then Alfaholics has the thing for you: a full body kit for your vintage Italian step-nose coupe made of carbon fibre.

The U.K.-based specialist in Alfa restorations, which excels in turning 105/115 Series Coupes into more exciting GTA-like cars, has just unveiled this kit, which includes all exterior body panels, called the ‘300’. Why the name, you ask? Because of the weight savings of more than 154lb (70kg) over a stock Alfa GTA-R, which bumps the power-to-weight ratio of the little coupes up to 300hp/ton.

If that’s not enough of a weight saving, you can also order the GTA-R Ultraleggera billet titanium suspension package for an even lighter car. With that comes the added bonus of revised suspension geometry.

Only 20 of these body packages will be available, and there’s no price as of yet, but considering Alfaholics’ resto-mod builds can climb well north of $300,000, it’s a question only a few of us will have to ask. Now, the bigger question: cover it in Alfa red paint or leave it in its glorious charcoal carbon weave?

*Images courtesy of Alfaholics. We’d also like to thank Armando Musotto for the shots of his Step-Nose Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint. You can read the full story HERE

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Olivier Gonne
Olivier Gonne

I chose this colour 😉


While serving in the US Army in Germany, I got a 1970 GT Junior in, and of all things, French blue with black and gray interior. Probably one of the first ones shipped to Germany in that livery / scheme. That’s the car I want to have again… don’t give a flip about carbon fiber.

Deeside Classics
Deeside Classics

Oh lord. An Alfaholics 105 was already on my ‘lottery win’ list, now it’s double-underlined.


Also no worries about panels rusting!

Ed Moses

I agree with that idea