Reader Submissions: Original, Unrestored '68 Porsche 911 Just Wants to Run

Original, Unrestored ’68 Porsche 911 Just Wants to Run

By Petrolicious
February 17, 2014

Owner and Photographer: Markus Haub

Year, Make, and Model: 1968 Porsche 911

Location: Mainz, Germany

Last week, we shared an interview with automotive artist Mr. Markus Haub and also featured some photos of his car, a 1968 Porsche 911. Since then we received a few requests to see more, so here you go, and enjoy!

This Porsche is completely original and unrestored. It still has its original paint and interior. The color is sand beige, and it has export bumpers (it was delivered new to Culver City, California), a nice wood-rim steering wheel, and air conditioning. It has around 175,000 km (~109,000 mi) on the odometer.

Markus has another 911 (964) because he likes the 911’s concept generally speaking. It’s a powerful, beautiful, and also practical car. But he especially loves the modest look of the sand beige Neunelfer, an unpopular color with odd US lamps and side reflectors that are typical for the ’68 model. He also loves this car’s extensive history (he has a huge file with all kinds of documents, photos, bills and written correspondence with previous owners) and how well it’s been maintained. According to Markus, “The owners really cared about it. If they hadn’t, it wouldn’t be in such good condition. And most of all, I like how it drives. It’s still so fast, and the sound is fantastic. It really wants to run!”

The 911 was delivered new in March 1968 to California, as mentioned, where the first owner kept it for 20 years, and the second owner had it for 13 years. After that, it exchanged hands several times (all PCA members). The car is also a multiple award winner, having taken the Best in Class trophy at the Porsche Club America Concours d’Elegance in 1994 and the Best in Class (1965-1968) at the Ventura [California] German Auto Fest in 2004.

The car was finally shipped to England and purchased by his friend Richard in 2007. While Richard owned it, he managed to have Stirling Moss drive the car with him at the Goodwood Circuit and Richard Attwood at Silverstone Driving Centre. Both drivers autographed the car.

Although Markus wasn’t looking for another car, Richard wanted to sell the 911 a couple of years ago and asked him if he knew anybody who might be interested in it. Markus knew it was a special car and he fell in love with it. A few weeks later he bought it and drove it from Dover to Germany.

From this 911’s previous owner, Markus got the name of a guy who owns the Porsche 911 that was produced directly after his in Osnabrück, Germany, where all US models were built. This owner also lives in Germany, so last summer he and Markus met and joined the sister-cars after 45 years! He described the reunion as “twins that haven’t seen each other for a very long time. That was a magic moment! There was so much to talk about and compare. His car was originally in the exact same color as mine, and later it was resprayed silver.”

If you didn’t see the feature on Markus’s artwork, check it out here.

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10 years ago

Not uncommon in Europe. While I lived there I came across many beautifully kept unrestored cars. Too good to call barn finds these cars are like crossing into a time zone!
Unlike US or Australia where in my opinion cars are generally used and “abused” due to the auto accessories industry. Cars are ruined by owners who lavish all types of kitsch accessories, engine swaps, wider wheels that don’t suit the car, crappy audio systems, “go-faster” stripes etc. –
Its nice to come across something like this time-warp car. Beautiful. Thank you.

Markus Haub
10 years ago

Thanks Christian for your comment! Yes, “Mainzers” are everywhere!! Nice blog you have on the 924, I will follow it now. Anyway you find me at facebook under “garage 911”.

Christian Baumann
Christian Baumann
10 years ago

Another “Mainzer” following Petrolicious!
Wonderful car in splendid condition! Art!

Christian@Bergamo from Mainz!

Joe Amoroso
Joe Amoroso
10 years ago

Great car, great story and great photography. Enjoyed it…..

Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle
10 years ago

What a lovely Porsche you have there and i love the snap shots of the car too. I also really do enjoy the color as well it seems to fit the car nicely and is a bit different then most other colors i seen on Porsches. I never was a big fan of Porsches per se but i always loved the classic 911s. They just seem to have the right proportions to me and being a rear engine sports car is something you don’t see everyday as well. Plus i love the purposefulness of the car it was designed with only one job in mind to be the best sports car the company could make. Not to mention the racing history of these cars is something that cant be ignored either.

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