Journal: Our Playlist of 8 Classic Parking Clips

Our Playlist of 8 Classic Parking Clips

By Petrolicious Productions
May 18, 2015

As cars found their hold on society through the ‘50s and ‘60s, parking became a big problem. This playlist features a number of classic films and newsreel footage that are quite entertaining even today. Here are 8 fun clips that will help you remember that driving sure has changed.

Old cars get special garages at the end of this driving tour—neat to see “classic” footage of “vintage” cars!

In this classic Top Gear skit, it just goes to show that some classic cars had the problems of congestion solved a long time ago.

On the left, our parking problems are solved! On the right, our parking problems are solved! Wait, wha-?

Here, you’re able to see Subaru’s first attempt at impressing American drivers—all under the watchful eye of Malcolm Bricklin. What does it have to do with parking? It’s a classic that can park anywhere!

On the left, vintage newsreel about how congested cities had become…in 1958! On the right, parking police! Oh jeez—this vintage German newsreel footage features English narration of a scheme to get free parking.

Finally, if you do manage to get your car impounded for an infraction, this is what may happen to your prized possession: a trip to the scrap yard!

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