News: Own A Fully Restored Lamborghini LM002 Once Driven By The Stig

Own A Fully Restored Lamborghini LM002 Once Driven By The Stig

By News Desk
May 27, 2020

With just 301 models built, it’s rather rare to see a Lamborghini LM002 like this one at a restoration shop in the UK. Rarer still to find one in such immaculate quality, and you’re pulling at hens teeth to find such a car for sale. But you probably won’t ever find another that fits all this criteria and has also been driven by none other than The Stig from Top Gear.

The LM002 – or ‘Rambo Lambo’ – was quite a departure for the Italian supercar company when it debuted in 1986, a military-spec off-road bomber fitted with a 5.2-litre V12, high-and-low four-wheel-drive, independent suspension and massive 345-60VR-17 Pirelli radials. In production for seven years, it was mainly built to order, including heavily armored versions, for the well-heeled looking for adventure. Ironically, that was usually sought in the dunes of the Arabian Desert or the high streets of London.

Bell Sport and Classic has this 1987 LM002 on offer (number 40 of production) and one the company says must be the best example in the world; they may be right. Just last year, it’s undercarriage, engine and ancillary components were stripped down and refurbished, the body given a new coat of Blu Acupulco Metallizato and its grey interior fully refreshed. The nut-and-bolt restoration was led by Attilio Romano, a former Ferrari factory technician who was also the first UK-certified technician to work on the Bugatti Veyron.

There are just 13,690 km (8,507 miles) on the odometer, and some of those were spent at the hands of Top Gear’s tame racing driver during a Lamborghini tribute episode in Series 3 that aired way back in 2003. With the quality restoration of this rare SUV, and a bit of history behind it, Bell will likely find a buyer willing to pay the £285,000 asking price.

*Images courtesy of Bell Sport and Classic

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4 years ago

Would love to drive this over a billionaire

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