News: Petersen Automotive Museum Reveals Its Most Prized Vehicles In A Limited-Offer Vault Photography Tour

Petersen Automotive Museum Reveals Its Most Prized Vehicles In A Limited-Offer Vault Photography Tour

By News Desk
September 16, 2019

The Petersen Automotive Museum’s incredible collection of rare and desirable cars has visitors streaming through its doors all year round. The variety of exhibits on display is always world-class; however some of the very best and most prized vehicles are kept in the Vault.

Now, for a limited time only, the Petersen is allowing guests to take a tour of the Vault and for the first time ever, photograph some of its most exclusive race cars, movie cars and collector cars. In addition, museum visitors will have the opportunity to have their own vehicles professionally photographed in the Vehicle Photography Sessions which will be taking place in the Automotive Museum’s own photo studio.

“This the perfect way for guests to experience the Petersen like never before,” said Petersen Automotive Museum Executive Director Terry L. Karges. “We’re proud to allow guests to capture their own piece of the Petersen legacy in these new and exciting ways.” Both offerings run until 30 September and the Photography Vault Tours will also include a 60-minute docent-led tour of the vehicles.

The fact that visitors will be allowed to wander through the Vault and take photos of these special vehicles during the tour makes the $95-00 ticket price totally worth it. The Vehicle Photography Sessions add a bit of a personal touch for visitors as their pride and joy takes center stage for a 40-minute shoot in the Museum’s photo cove by professional photographers at a cost of $250. Both offerings include a parking pass as well as a general admission pass to the rest of the museum.

Images courtesy of Petersen Automotive Museum

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harry brook
harry brook
11 months ago

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1 year ago

It’s my dream to visit such a tour. These photos are exciting. I’m a student now, and museums are one of my favorite types of self-education. I prefer museums, but not sit at home and try to write university papers. I may use this source to get help with it, but I may miss an interesting exhibition. It will unfortunate me more than a bad mark. I hope PAM will reopen this Photography Tour again. I’ll do all possible and impossible to visit it.

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