News: Petersen Automotive Museum To Showcase Famous Movie Cars This Summer At The Grove Mall Level 8 Drive-In Experience

Petersen Automotive Museum To Showcase Famous Movie Cars This Summer At The Grove Mall Level 8 Drive-In Experience

By News Desk
June 27, 2019

The Petersen Automotive Museum has received rave reviews for its captivating “Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy” exhibit. With a broad range of the most iconic and memorable vehicles ever seen on film, it truly is a must-see for car and movie fans alike.

Now in collaboration with the Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles, it will be displaying a selection of these cars at the newly announced Level 8 Drive-in presented by Citi. This outdoor movie experience is aimed at recapturing the style and feel of the famous Gilmore Drive-in, which was located nearby and ran from 1948-1979. Situated on the top floor of the mall’s parking lot, Level 8 will feature screenings on the last Wednesday of each month with “Grease” having just been shown on the 26 June.

There are three more screenings planned until the end of September and each movie will be accompanied by a corresponding star car. “The Great Gatsby” on July 31 will feature a 1932 Duesenberg, “Back To The Future” on August 28 will have a time-traveling DeLorean and finally “Iron Man” on September 25 will be joined by Tony Stark’s 1932 Ford Roadster. Moviegoers who attended the screening of Grease were treated to the Grease Lightning custom hot rod. “We’re proud to be part of Level 8 at The Grove this summer,” said Petersen Automotive Museum executive director Terry L. Karges. “This will be a rare opportunity for fans to see and enjoy these automotive Hollywood heroes in a public setting outside of the Petersen.”

Tickets for the screenings are free although reservations are essential to ensure that you do not miss out. Complimentary food and refreshments will also be served while O’Gara Coach will supply a selection of luxury vehicles available for seating during the film screenings. Those who won’t be able to attend can still see these cars and a vast collection of other vehicles, props and costumes at the Petersen Automotive Museum, which will be running its “Hollywood Dream Machines” exhibit through to 15 March 2020. Visit the Grove shopping mall’s website for further information on the drive-in experience and follow the link below for the Petersen Automotive Museum exhibit details.

Images courtesy of the Petersen Automotive Museum

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