Reader Submissions: Petrolicious Magazine: We Want To Feature Your Vintage Family Car Photo

Petrolicious Magazine: We Want To Feature Your Vintage Family Car Photo

By Petrolicious Productions
December 6, 2019

Each issue of the Petrolicious Magazine features a page at the very end of the publication we call “FAMILY PHOTOBOOK.” This is an old picture of you in a car that was an important vehicle in your childhood. Maybe it was your dad’s favorite car or the car you were driven to school in. Perhaps, it’s the car you drove after your wedding ceremony. It could be any of these things or none of them. It just has to be a vintage image of you in a vehicle that showed you were driving tastefully at an early age, or at least your parents were.

Maybe it’s the car your parents drove you home in from the hospital or a car you learned to drive manual in. It should be a clear photo that has a story. The photo should be as hi-resolution as possible and be a photo that you are proud of and comfortable with being in a magazine for everyone to see. We will need to know the make, year and model of the car and the color of course. Take some time and make sure the scan is straight, crooked photos are unusable. The examples shown here are great ideas to get you started.

The ideal combination is a great photo and a great story, just like all the content you enjoy every day on the site and in the Petrolicious Quarterly magazine. If you’re not receiving the magazine, you’re missing out. Sign up as a member right away, we are running a Founding Membership, so now is a perfect time. Already a member? Give it as a gift this holiday season.

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