Gear: Piloti And Pagani Automobili Have Teamed Up On A New Set Of Huayra-Inspired Driving Boots

Piloti And Pagani Automobili Have Teamed Up On A New Set Of Huayra-Inspired Driving Boots

By Petrolicious Productions
January 28, 2019

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Piloti and Pagani was a pairing waiting to happen, and the new limited edition Roadster Driving Boot is the culmination of two years of collaboration between the two Italian brands to channel Pagani’s unique supercar philosophy into quality handmade footwear—if you’ve ever wanted a pair of high-perf driving shoes with the carbon fiber and anodized aluminum bits to show for it, here’s your answer.

Inspired by the aesthetics of the Pagani Huayra Roadster, these boots take visual cues from the car and combine them with Piloti’s proven technologies and materials to create an elegant piece of driving gear. Roll your pant cuff over the strap and you’ve got a handsome addition to your casual wardrobe; put them to work in the pedal box and make use of the Roll Control 2.0 heel design and low-profile forefoot; or just prop them up next to their gullwing’d shoe box and admire the details like the embossed Pagani tailpipe icon or the interplay of textures. Only 250 pairs will be produced (individually numbered, naturally), all handmade in Italy using top grain Italian leather.

Exposed carbon fiber may seem like the antithesis to subtlety, but with just the right amount of aluminum accents in the rich black leather uppers to balance the two-tone look of the weave, Piloti has crafted an elegantly functional pair of shoes that live up the exceptionally potent and beautiful automobile they were inspired by.

Please note, at this time we are offering the Roadster Driving Boot to US customers only.

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