Gear: Piloti’s Driving Shoes Are Now Available In The Petrolicious Shop

Piloti’s Driving Shoes Are Now Available In The Petrolicious Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
October 27, 2016

Photography by Tom Horna, Jose Gallina, Shaik Ridzwan, & Hing Yeung

We cheerily experience our favorite motorsport events, take long road trips into the unknown, and get up early for thrilling, traffic-free drives. Our wish list for parts is as long as our arm and we study how to be better drivers through techniques like heel-and-toe downshifting, so why not upgrade the thin bit of rubber between the 200,000 nerve endings in your foot and the car you love to drive?

Piloti’s designs which range from race-ready to I-can’t-believe-everyone-thought-these-were-dress-shoes, in a selection of styles and materials that’s finally as diverse as the enthusiasts who wear them.

If you’ve ever driven a car in a spirited fashion while wearing heavy boots, slippery dress shoes, bulky sneakers, or aggressive heels, you’re well aware of how sketchy your footwork can become.

In contrast, driver’s shoes are made for twisty switchbacks, making snappy gear-changes and getting to and from the car, requirements that led Piloti to develop a number of new technologies that ultimately prevent pain and discomfort while behind the wheel.

Piloti calls its technology “Roll Control”, which features a spherical heel and rounded sides for each shoe, which not only makes the footwear immensely comfortable but shaped to allow you to focus on what’s important: driving.

All Piloti shoes will be fulfilled by the closest distributor and dispatched quickly when ordered from the Petrolicious Shop; click here to order yours!

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5 years ago

thank you for sharing this information i have been looking for this information quite a long time ago.

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