News: Porsche 964 Re-Imagined For Baja, And Now For Sale

Porsche 964 Re-Imagined For Baja, And Now For Sale

By News Desk
December 22, 2019

Turns out Ford is not the only company reliving its past Baja 1000 endeavours, though admittedly, this Baja-ready, 964-gen 991 prototype isn’t an official Porsche product.

Pretty close though, as it’s actually the first solo project of TJ Russell, Porsche fan extraordinaire and established fabricator for Singer Vehicle Designs. Fans of his work will now be pleased to hear that orders are now open for “the most capable, versatile, dual sport air-cooled 911 on the planet” are now open.

Now, there’s quite a bit to unpack here, so let’s start with the basics. The package starts with a 964 body (aspiring customers must supply their own), the chassis and suspension of which is strengthened to tackle the rigours of Baja-esque off-roading. This is more than just a glorified lift kit though, as the wheelbase has also been extended by 3in and the track widened by a whopping 14in to increase stability over rough terrain and fine-tune the centre of gravity. At the rear, for additional composure while cornering, you’ll find a NASCAR-style sway bar to keep the Porsche planted.

Each body panel meanwhile has been “custom-formed from composite materials” to reduce weight and increase durability, and to also make the end product look decidedly back-ass. Hence the widebody fenders, the rally-style bonnet with additional headlights, and stonking great wheel arches, under which are 15×7-inch fifteen52 Integrale wheels clad with the knobbliest of Toyo tyres.

Purists can also heave a sigh of relief, as the re-modeling has been done with “great deal of pride and respect” and with “great importance placed on maintaining the DNA that the Porsche 911 is known for.” So no angry letters please.

Finally, the 964’s 3.6-litre flat-six has received some fine tuning from Rothsport Racing, meaning the original 250hp has been upped to 365hp. That, plus 310lb ft (420Nm) of torque is sent to either all four wheels or to the rear, per customers request. Off-road hoonery continues as a theme on the inside with a race-spec roll cage and door bars, though customers will have carpet and leather trim options should they want a degree of luxury on the dunes.

Yes, now we know we don’t often bring you news of ‘reimagined’ classics at Petrolicious. But then again, this is the last weekend for Christmas shopping, so…

By the way, everyone screaming in furious anger about that opening statement might want to check out Baja results 1986 through 1988, where the Chenowth buggy won each year with a Porsche engine.

*Images courtesy of Russell Built Fabrication

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4 years ago

Porsche’s “3.6 litre straight 6?”

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