Reader Submissions: Porsche Convertible and Owner Happier to Cruise Than Race

Porsche Convertible and Owner Happier to Cruise Than Race

By Petrolicious Productions
September 22, 2014

Owner and Photographer: Gustaf Sjöholm

Year, Make, and Model: 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Convertible

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Photographer: Per Hammarsjö

As long as I have been able to walk, I have loved cars. Growing up, I walked around with a steering wheel humming different engines sounds in my family’s apartment. Twenty years later I started working for one of Sweden’s major automotive magazine. Yes, it was a young boy’s dream coming true. And the more cars I had the opportunity to drive, the more I fell in love with Porsches. Something about their functional design, demanding performance and endless victories got me hooked.

One of the cheaper ways to become a Porsche owner is to buy a first generation Boxster (internally known as the 986). I had two of them and despite being seen as a prick driving a hairdresser’s vehicle–I loved them. They offered crisp mid-engine balance and reasonable performance. But continuous quality problems and heavy depreciation were exhausting. What to do? Buy a classic 911–and do it fast before they got way too expensive.

Some research indicated that the Carrera 3.2 (1984-1989) was one of the most attractive ‘old school 911s’. Sleek looks, relatively fast, and not as rowdy as its predecessor 911 SC. Electronic fuel injection and the updated G50 gearbox make later 911 Carrera 3.2s (1987-) still possible to drive on a daily basis.

I ran into this beautiful example at an automobile show outside Stockholm in 2008. The owner was an old man who had been driving and restoring 356s for decades, a true Porsche connoisseur. Close to mint condition, narrow original body and the sexy black optional sports seats. Delivered new in Sweden, known owner history–and only 45,000 miles on the meter, bingo! A year later the owner called and announced he wanted to sell the car–to me. Blackout…

Since the religious moment when I picked up the car I have driven 15,000 miles. I’ve taken roadtrips to Poland as well as hiking tours to northern parts of Sweden; the Porsche and I have shared several emotional moments together. The peculiarity of an old 911 combined with reliability is what I like the most about the car.

The 911’s top is always down and I avoid too-curvy road sections; an early 911 convertible runs best on open roads with long soft bends at around 90-100 mph. That missing roof section makes it less rigid than the coupe, but you still enjoy the decisive ride and communicative steering. If you’ve driven an old 911 you know it certainly offers a unique and edgy driving experience. It makes you feel so alive!

I tend to love most Porsches; the convertibles not so much for their performance, rather for their dreamy image created through movies and shows such as Dream Machine and Californication. In many ways we’re also similar, my 911 and I; we are both very vain and prefer cruising before racing. I hope we never have to break up and can continue exploring new routes and destinations. Where should we go next?

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Ray Jay
Ray Jay
9 years ago

My favorite combo is a 3.2 mated to a lightweight 915. Nothing today could even come close to the visceral sensations of the everyman’s supercar. What strikes me most is how slim these cars even when lined up against compacts like the mini.

TJ Martin
TJ Martin
9 years ago

…. and here’s the other side of Porsche 911’s that makes them so great despite our British cousins constantly whining about them all being the same etc [ lets face it … they just don’t get it ]

The 911 as a daily driver/vacation car/ cruiser . As well as like I’ve said before .. AWD or RWD … a 24/7/365 even in the snow belts driver as well . They aint just for the speed demon at heart . And in fact … if you read the history … that was Porsche’s intention from the moment he created the mark .

Two thumbs up and tak to Gustaf for telling the other side of the 911 story … and great car as well … though my preference leans towards the coupes myself

Matthew Lange
9 years ago
Reply to  TJ Martin

Since when have the British whinged about the 911? Okay so Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t like them but then neither does your own PJ O’Rourke.

9 years ago

Nice write up. Always been a huge fan of Porsche’s sport seats during that era, very supportive. Also dig the restraint on keeping the Fuchs rims anodized instead of polished. Tasteful. Enjoy it in good health, great car.

9 years ago

One of the last classic porsche still within budget, they are the cream of the crop best of both old & new Aircooled 911s 🙂

9 years ago

Hello and congratulations for this nice presentation of this iconic model.
I have one myself as daily driver, in Nice – France, and in a rare forest green metallic (with black leather upholstery).
One hand before me, 1989 (I removed the catalysator and am enjoying a more alive but soft inox exhaust specially made for her).
Although I consider changing for a mint 928 gts 1995 manual, I agree that this car is some addiction I just can’t seem getting out of…

Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle
9 years ago

Generally im not really into soft top cars that much but i think i can make a exception about this one.

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