Journal: Porsche Passport Offers A Fleet Of Stuttgart Steel On A Subscription Basis

Porsche Passport Offers A Fleet Of Stuttgart Steel On A Subscription Basis

By Alex Sobran
October 12, 2017

Photos courtesy of Porsche

Not everything with the Porsche crest comes from Germany anymore; Cayennes are being built in Slovakia now for instance, but along with the 911s from Zuffenhausen, the SUV is also a part of the titular group of Porsche vehicles that Porsche Cars North America is including in its new subscription program. Called Porsche Passport, the service will allow customers to drive up to 22 Porsche models and schedule exchanges between them through a new mobile app. It will only be offered as a trial program beginning in November in metro Atlanta, Georgia for now, but the program falls under what the company calls Strategy 2025, and is part of the overall push forward into modern ideas of transportation and ownership. Atlanta is Porsche’s North American headquarters as well as their technology partner’s in this program, Clutch Technologies, LLC.

It’s unlikely that Ferdinand Porsche imagined his customers of the future sharing hybrids with baby seats in the back with each other via touchscreen phones, but the company that bears his name is trying it out anyway, and it’s likely that more than a few people will sign up. 3-year leases on base 911s are around $1,200 for starters, and you don’t walk away from that owning anything either, so those in the market may be persuaded to pay a bit more to gain access to a wider selection of the manufacturer’s model lineup. The 918 and GT2 RS aren’t included, if you had to ask…

Porsche Passport will come in two tiers, “Launch,” and “Accelerate,” and if they sound as corporate as possible to you too: what did you expect? Naming aside, it’s a pretty neat idea, the details of which are this: Launch is $2,000 per month, and gives access to eight cars, which are delivered to customers and exchanged via scheduling in the app. Those cars include the 718 Boxster and Cayman S, the Macan S, and the Cayenne, but no 911s. The Accelerate package is $3,000, does include the 911 as part of its larger 22-car package, and offers the same pickup and delivery service. So, if you live in Atlanta and want to drive a Boxster in the morning and a 911 at night without getting into a lease on either, this is for you.

Though it’s unclear on which frequency members can opt in and out of the subscription, but assuming that it will not be as restrictive as a traditional lease is probably a safe guess. The plans both include in their price the vehicles’ tax and registration fees, insurance, maintenance, and even detailing—even if they are exceptionally nice new cars, you’re still sharing them with others who you’d rather not see the traces of.

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Porsche Cayenne is a force and it does not really matter where it was created, the main thing that would be all the standards. I remember the first time I rode one in NFS most wanted and it’s been years since I bought one. By the way, I recently had a Fuel Maximizer ( installed on my Porsche Cayenne and have noticed great improvements on both performance and fuel economy. Before installation, I was getting a combined city and highway fuel economy of 23 MPG. After installation of the Fuel Maximizer, I am now getting an average of 40.5 MPG!… Read more »


As a resident of “The ATL” as people like to call it, it’s an interesting idea. Sadly , I think with our traffic woes you’ll be able to mostly enjoy the connectivity rather than the performance.

Patrick Andrews
Patrick Andrews

I’m broadly in favour of this but the UK pricing and lack of service ethos will likely scupper it. Who wants to own all those hidden rustspots and stonechips?


Time Share for automobiles sums this up in a nutshell . And like Time Share in real estate this is a very bad idea indeed .