Journal: Porsche Wants A Word With You Before Your Next Starship Purchase

Porsche Wants A Word With You Before Your Next Starship Purchase

By News Desk
October 24, 2019

Porsche fans may still be wrapping their heads around the recently unveiled Taycan EV but the sports car manufacturer is already looking far into the future (or is it the past) for its next project, as this time it has partnered with Lucasfilm to design a fantasy starship to be presented at the world premiere of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”.

While the project is pure fiction, the idea is a fascinating one and just the sort of thing to inspire designers to create something not restricted by the mundane requirements of the real world.

“Developing a spacecraft with clear Porsche design DNA is exciting and challenging,” says Michael Mauer, Chief Designer at Porsche AG. “Even though they do not seem to share many elements at first glance, both worlds have a similar design philosophy. The close collaboration with the Star Wars design team inspires and fascinates us—I’m sure that both sides can draw major benefits from this exchange.”

“The worldwide appeal of the Star Wars and Porsche brands is shaped decisively by their iconic designs,” says Doug Chiang, Vice President and Executive Creative Director of Lucasfilm. “We are bringing together two worlds with this project: the exotic film design of a galaxy far, far away and the precision work that goes into developing emotive Porsche sports cars. This collaboration promises to produce an innovative design that will blend the best of both brands to create an exciting new starship worthy of Porsche and Star Wars.”

The design team will have regular meetings both in Stuttgart and San Francisco to finalize the spacecraft design and create a model for the December unveiling. The Taycan,  a futuristic and bold design in its own right, will also be showcased at the film’s opening. Perhaps in a few decades at the Star Wars XXV premiere, an actual Porsche spaceship will be unveiled too.

Images courtesy of Porsche

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