Featured: Porsches Are Always Most Beautiful At The End Of A Fierce Workout

Porsches Are Always Most Beautiful At The End Of A Fierce Workout

By Jacopo Villa
December 1, 2015

Photography by Federico Bajetti

Dirt isn’t pretty, but it won’t slow you down. Not even when it’s on precious metal, like this Porsche 930 Turbo for example. Here, it may even look pretty good.

Federico and I take any opportunity to drive something new, no matter how polished or pitted it may be. Dirt be damned, driving a 930 has long been part of our journey toward experiencing as many turbocharged Porsches as we can. Why? We’re obsessed.

Personally speaking, the 930 Turbo brings me back to my childhood, when I was travelling with family to Locarno in Switzerland to spend the weekend. Once there, it was a Turbo-fest, as everyone seemed to be driving them. I loved to spot cool cars as a kid as much as I do now, and seeing a 930 on the road still makes my day.

This particular 930 is a “driven” car. It means that its owner keeps it in a garage in Brescia and uses it exclusively when he wants to drive it on B roads, when only driving is on his agenda. And the 930 is, after all, an incredibly quick car. I applaud a driver who still exercises a fast, expensive car like it’s meant to be.

Like another modified 930 recently profiled, it’s been unleashed: this car has been tuned to 380 horsepower, fitted with a larger front spoiler to accommodate a larger oil cooler, and a sound that delights any enthusiast lucky enough to be within 10 miles of its favorite exercise route. 

We thank Dario of GT Car Racing of Brescia for letting us experience the mighty 930 Turbo. See more of Dario’s activity on www.gtcarracing.com.

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Samir Shirazi
Samir Shirazi
7 years ago

It was always on my mind why they clean the race cars until i read somewhere that dirt slows down a bit on very high speeds of course!

Shawn Bokaie
Shawn Bokaie
7 years ago

Great car

MB Racing
MB Racing
7 years ago

Nice car. But now we do need a RUF.