Market Finds: Pristine 2002 Tii Turns the Clock Back 40 Years

Pristine 2002 Tii Turns the Clock Back 40 Years

By Petrolicious Productions
May 1, 2013

Browsing through eBay as we’re prone to do, we stumbled across one of the nicest 2002 Tiis we’ve seen in ages, a ’72 model with 121k miles and presented in stunning condition. Claimed to be a garage-kept California car from new, the seller says it has no rust and is completely unmodified, with the only flaws being a non-operative clock and a driver’s side vent that doesn’t seal as tightly as it should—hardly deal-breakers!

2002s are generally pretty bomb-proof cars, with any potential small but irritating faults likely not present on a car where the seller goes to such great lengths to describe insignificant details as imperfections. Rust, their biggest problem area, is apparently another non-issue on this particular well-loved car.

We wish all sellers would take the time and exude the effort to present their machines with the care shown in this auction, with many, hi-res and well-taken photos of nearly every angle a thorough potential buyer would check on their own.

Price-wise the car is near the top of the market, but it’s also near the top of the market condition-wise so we’re not griping on the matter—it may not represent a smoking bargain but it’s certainly not out of line, either.

We’d absolutely love to find ourselves strapped into its pristine navy blue vinyl seat with a set of sunny, clear sweepers framed between those elegant, thin A-pillars, feet dancing on the quirky floor-mounted pedals and hands firmly gripping the austere, black, plastic-rimmed wheel at nine and three.

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8 years ago

Beautiful example!

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay(@christophergay)
8 years ago

I guess this gives me some frame of reference for my 1974 tii. I remember when my dash gave it up with the cracks, and I need to fix the clock in mine, too, I suppose.
I’m with you Mark: mine needs a lot of love to get to that condition, but is always a kick to drive!

Mark Cartechine
Mark Cartechine(@mcartechine)
8 years ago

Very nice car and priced accordingly…failed to mention the cracked dash as well, but that wouldn’t stop me if I was in the market for this car. Mine isn’t anywhere near that condition but still fun as hell!!!

Ryan Hoyle
Ryan Hoyle(@drweelan)
8 years ago

Very nicely done indeed. Not my favorite color unfortunately, but the engine sounds really nice.