Journal: Prius Purchase Boosts Massage Therapist's Confidence

Prius Purchase Boosts Massage Therapist’s Confidence

By Otto Freundenberger
October 10, 2012

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. – Massage Therapist Michael Wilson, 43, who recently purchased a 2013 Toyota Prius, insists that he is “totally satisfied” with his purchase despite the fact that he has not yet taken possession of the car.

“I love it!” said Wilson, with an almost imperceptible trace of remorse. “In this age of global warming, we must all do our part to save the planet. Having placed my deposit and order for my future Prius, I feel the temperatures starting to cool already.” Wilson, who currently drives a 1992 Ford Bronco admits he has never before driven a Prius.  

Wilson claims that after having ordered his Prius, his self-confidence has increased tremendously. “I no longer feel shy striking up a conversation with women at my yoga class or at Whole Foods. I care about the environment, and now I have the proof to back it up. The ladies seem to love that.” After some coercion, Wilson admitted to having been single for the past six years, but he was adamant that his luck was about to change.

When asked about his plans for his first road trip once he takes delivery of his Prius, Wilson responded, “I’m not sure yet if I’ll be driving the Prius all that much. I feel safer driving in my Bronco. There are lots of crazy drivers out there, you know.”

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JR Butler
JR Butler
6 years ago

I own a Prius C. I came to it from a pair of Saabs that I absolutely loved but couldn’t afford as a college student driving 100 miles a day.
I’ve driven a lot of cars in my life. Jeeps, trucks, sports cars, minivans and little rental economic boxes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the Prius except for two things: the average Prius driver and this mistaken sense of “saving the planet.”
There’s one way my car is “eco.” Everything on the inside is plastic based. And the batteries and electronics inside mean that when my car dies, if it isn’t recycled properly it’s just a small environmental catastrophe.
And then there’s the owners. I don’t get it, but after a year of owning a Prius C, I can’t find that it is in an w worse than a Fiesta or a Versa or a Sonic. Sure it’s not a race car, but there’s no real reason for the average Prius driver to be so…
I’ll be kind.
No, it’s not a performance machine. But it does 70 on American interstates and rides really well for its size. Long road trips with two or three people are fun. Four would be… Less fun. And here in the States if you’re not so much concerned with the environment as you are saving some money at the pump, since we don’t get Europe’s little diesel cars, the Prius is your best option, provided you get a good deal when buying one. I was lucky.
I miss my Saabs, and I do miss speed on occasion. But not everyone can afford fast cars. Either buying a them is too expensive, or fixing them, or fueling them. Sometimes life demands you be a bit more sensible.
Driving fun can be had in a Prius. Yes, track days are out of the question. But road trips and fun with friends are in. Going on adventures and knowing your car is exceptionally reliable and gas costs are low can inspire some great memories.
It’s far from a planet saver. But for some people, the Prius C helps keep the American dream of car ownership alive.
Now if we can just teach the owners about blind spots and turn signals…

11 years ago

Lol…pretty much sums it up!

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