Journal: Race Us This Friday On Forza And You Could Win Prizes

Race Us This Friday On Forza And You Could Win Prizes

By Michael Banovsky
March 16, 2016

No matter where you are in the world this Friday, join us for a few hours of racing—as long as you’ve got an Xbox One and copy of Forza Motorsport 6.

We’re often online in multiplayer matches, and find it annoying there’s not a bit more structure to how the gameplay is set up. On Friday, let us be your host in a lobby that will hope to keep the #drivetastefully in mind. Beginning at 3:00 PM PST, search for the gamertag “petroliciousco” and join our multiplayer match with the first race set to begin at 3:15 PM PST.

If you arrive after that time, hang tight in the lobby and we will get you into the next race—just don’t forget to hit ‘X’ once you’ve picked your car, that ensures we can start the countdown and get racing—be prepared to bring your best B, A, S, and R-class machines. If you’re on Twitch, we’ll be experimenting with a live feed from the office as well…

We’ll try to keep the tracks interesting (and traditional), pick fun cars, and most importantly, will be sending some Petrolicious swag to the gamer we feel most embodies the #drivetastefully ethos.

Let’s kick off the weekend a little bit early this Friday!

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Claus Targa
Claus Targa
8 years ago

Derelict is right, why not go for PS 4 and GT 6 ?
My RUF Collection is waiting…

8 years ago

Make a GT6 one and I am in!

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange
8 years ago

A little late here in the UK but will try and join. Think the Alfa TZ could use a run out of my Forza Garage.

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