Journal: Rally Legends On Lake Garda

Rally Legends On Lake Garda

By Petrolicious Productions
July 17, 2014

Photography by Federico Bajetti for Petrolicious

It’s a warm Friday afternoon in early July when the chaotic Salò shoreline is invaded by a flock of bellowing cars in race trim. Steel & Motors is an annual event that’s been held since 2009 on the shores of Lake Garda, in Northern Italy. It brings famous rally cars from the late 1960s and onwards together. And into Salò and the steep Vallesabbia streets they charge, led by champions from generations past.

Many are present including Porsche 911SCs, Opel Asconas, even vaunted Lancias such as the Stratos, 037, and the insane Lancia Delta S4 Group B have gathered. But at this early stage, it’s just a pleasant stroll to loosen up the pistons and gears before the weekend’s Special Stage, which will take the classics to the city circuit of Odolo, one of Brescia’s most important industrial centers, hence the name, Steel & Motors. It’s an event designed to show off some of the local enthusiasts’ jewels kept locked away for much of the year.

So it is a great opportunity to see these glorious old racers, many from the golden years of rallying, those of uncontrollable crowds, breathtaking leaps, and heroic drivers who, without fear, pushed through special stages around the world, in action.

Leading the racers, there is the ‘Dragon,’ 1977 World Champion Sandro Munari in a Lancia Stratos. Following in an Abarth 131 is Mr. Markku Alen, the ’78 World Champ, and behind him is the great Mr. Miki Biaison, double World Champ, winning in ’88 and ’89 at the wheel of a Lancia Delta. It was certainly an exciting event and we’re equally excited to honor these magnificent machines and the drivers who, between smoking the tires and revving the engines, made them dance as back in the day.

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Glenn Olenroot
Glenn Olenroot
5 years ago

When will this Rally Legends on Lake Garda be held in 2018?

Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle
8 years ago

I have always been a huge fan of rally racers and i think i hit the mother lode when it comes to rally car pics. Almost every pic here can be made into a wallpaper but that very first pic of that Lancia. I think i need to change my skivvies and im blaming you Petrolicious :p

TJ Martin
TJ Martin
8 years ago

Ahhh the cars from when Rallying was Rallying [ versus the mini sprints it has become ] Rally cars were as exotic if not more [ in the Group B era ] than F1 cars . Men were men not to mention genuine characters as well . With a mighty fine woman or two to boot . Great feature .. even better photos and well deserving of a full write up sometime in the future !

Lake Garda . Classic rally cars . Some of the greatest drivers of the past . All that great food and wine . And no doubt a mighty fine ‘ view ‘ all the way around . Envy doesn’t even come close