News: Rare Four-Door C3 Corvette Up For Sale In California

Rare Four-Door C3 Corvette Up For Sale In California

By News Desk
January 18, 2020

Owning a rare Corvette is a dream for many car enthusiasts, but a dealership in California has one for sale that might top them all for scarcity. Whether you want to be caught dead in it is another story altogether.

NBS Auto Showroom in Milpitas, California, has dropped its price on a 1980 four-door Corvette America, one of six built (including prototype) with just two believed to be remaining in existence today. The red-on-red ‘sports sedan’ is supposed to be matching numbers and has just 21,000 miles on its 350-cubic-inch V8.

Chevrolet had commissioned a C3 four-door Corvette to be built by California Coach Motors, which stretched the frames of a regular Corvette coupe by 30 inches to accommodate another row of seats. The plan was to sell these alongside the coupes and convertibles, but with a sticker price of $35,000, more than twice the regular cost of a Corvette at the time. Just five left the lot before someone at Chevrolet realized what a terrible idea it was.

NBS has had the car for a few years and is now asking for ‘just’ $102,562, down from a reported $214,884 in 2018, which makes you wonder not only where they get such random numbers, but who would pay for such a monstrosity in the first place.

*Images courtesy of NBS Auto Showroom

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