Events: Rare Shades 4: These Are The Colors Of Porsche You Haven't Seen

Rare Shades 4: These Are The Colors Of Porsche You Haven’t Seen

By Steve Bolton
September 18, 2019

There seems to be a Porsche event every weekend nowadays. We see the new models and options online several months, if not years before they hit the streets. Can there be a new way to look at Porsches? I’m here to tell you yes. In its fourth year, the Rare Shades event showed us the impressive display, and range, of the Porsche Spectrum. 

PTS Porsches, or Paint-to-Sample, allow for an owner to run wild and choose just about any sort of combination you want. Are you in love with the shade of your Bic Pen? No problem. Someone actually did that. In an era of grey, dark grey, graphite, and whatever other grey colors you can think of its nice to see that a few folks not only color outside the lines but chose a unique shade altogether.

Each Porsche was lined up next to one that was a slightly different shade. It was like a watercolor set come to life, a Porsche kaleidoscope. Not everyone was a new model, there was a strong vintage representation, along with few from across the globe. An added bonus was that since the show took place on September 14th, there was a 914 corral. Well, these might not have been in the same numbers as the 911, they sure had variety.

It did make you think, as you walk amongst the sea of color what type of person would order a PTS Porsche. It is becoming more and more common nowadays, but imagine sitting at home in, let’s say the 70s and thinking, I really want my Porsche to match my favorite office supply. The stories these cars can tell.

We couldn’t share a gallery with you without going over some of the names of these rare shades. How about Superior Red Metallic or Gulf Blue? Maybe Yachting Blue Metallic is more your speed or Dark Sea Blue Metallic. Not into blue? We’ve got Cognac Brown Metallic, Fern Green, and Dalmation Blue. I can just someone having a few and ordering Wine Red Metallic. Want to know more? Google Porsche Rennbow and lose the rest of your day.

The show was not just about exterior though, you can also go full Bob Ross on the interior. Stitching, seat belts, fabrics, dials, you name it. I’m not sure if Porsche says no to some requests, guess it depends on how much you have of that other color – green.

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