News: Take On Dakar With A Classic Motorbike With Sandraiders 2020

Take On Dakar With A Classic Motorbike With Sandraiders 2020

By News Desk
December 13, 2019

The Paris-Dakar Rally first ran in 1978 and immediately became the most difficult off-road rally in the world, snaking from France, through northern Africa and ending in Senegal. It eventually moved to South America and, in January, will be in Saudi Arabia for the first time. But if you own a 1980s or ‘90s off-road bike and want the Dakar’s original flavor of both geography and machine, applications are now open for Sandraiders’ Moroccan adventure next April.

This will be the sixth edition of Sandraiders’ desert rally; the organization has dedicated its non-competitive orienteering events to the spirit of the original races, right down to the motorcycles that are allowed: pre-2000 bikes and those that no longer conform to FMA racing specs. They also offer a proper Dakar rally treatment: experienced guides, including Jordi Arcarons, a 16-time Dakar competitor who finished second four times, a team of mechanics and medical staff, a traveling camp and even trucks to transport bikes between some stages.

Next year’s event will take place from April 11 to 19; it starts in Layounne and travels more than 1,000 meandering miles to finish in Marrakech. The overall cost is €2,400, or roughly $2,700, excluding airfare, but that price comes with the thrill of desert adventure.

*Images courtesy of Sandraiders 2020 and Luis Darte

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