Journal: Remember When Car Ads Were All About Speed?

Remember When Car Ads Were All About Speed?

By Michael Banovsky
December 11, 2015

When roads were relatively free from traffic and police, extolling the virtues of zero-to-60 mph times and top speeds were a useful way to get people excited about a vehicle. After all, you’re only as good as the cars you can pass, right?

This practice still happens today, of course, but automakers have to be more coy about it—and then often still get fined. Back in the day, there were sometimes dyno charts, lap times, skidpad numbers being included in car ads. If you browse old muscle car advertisements, they’re downright sinister.

These days…not so much. Between innuendo about speeding and all that “professional driver, closed course” stuff, it’s unlikely you’ll see print ads, billboards, and online campaigns focused on speed.

Do you wish ads these days were more like they used to be?

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Harrison Davis
Harrison Davis
5 years ago

A few of my personal favourites. I have a folder of these on my computer, dream is to one day have a bunch of them printed poster sized and framed around the garage.

5 years ago

I’ve had a die cast Monza GT since I was a kid.

Cameron Braun
Cameron Braun
5 years ago

Come on, how cool is the name “4-Barrel Jetfire Rocket V-8?”

Also, that half and half Volvo ad is amazing.