Journal: Renowned Jaguar E-Type Specialist Eagle Celebrates Three Important Milestones This Year

Renowned Jaguar E-Type Specialist Eagle Celebrates Three Important Milestones This Year

By News Desk
July 11, 2019

There are a number of experienced Jaguar E-Type specialists around and undoubtedly one of the very best is Eagle. Founded 35-years ago by Henry Pearman, it has both been instrumental in restoring and maintaining these iconic cars as well as adding its own chapter to the E-Type story with the introduction of the Eagle E-Type a quarter of a century ago.

In addition to these bespoke Eagle E-Types, the company has since developed the Eagle Speedster, a model that took the concept of restoration and individual design and engineering to new heights. It celebrates its 10th birthday this year, so with all three important milestones occurring on the same year Pearman felt that a big celebration was in order.

“It had to be Goodwood,” he said, “There isn’t another venue to compete with a place which is so steeped in racing and automotive tradition. We very much feel we belong to the heritage of Jaguar and its E-Type, as we carefully handle precious pieces of the marque’s history and bring them back to life. Our customers are part of the same Eagle family, and enjoy a special connection, which was most evident at the anniversary celebrations. Thirty-five years of exclusive achievements were honored with those who share our commitment and passion.”

Owners of Eagle E-Types from all over the globe were invited to attend the triple celebration, and a number of Low Drag GTs, Speedsters and the latest Eagle Spyder GT graced the lawns at Goodwood.

With Eagle’s 20 highly-trained and experienced craftsmen rebuilding each E-Type on-site to the customer’s exacting requirements, each car is finished to the highest standards in the industry. With a range of enhancements and upgrades available to choose from as well as Eagle’s own model variations, we think this specialist will be celebrating many more anniversaries in the years to come.

Images courtesy of Eagle

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