Journal: Revel In The Simple Elegance Of Classic Rolex User Manuals

Revel In The Simple Elegance Of Classic Rolex User Manuals

By Michael Banovsky
November 12, 2015

Good design is everywhere, you just need to know where to look. And though I’m not a watch enthusiast and rarely glance twice at a timepiece, I feel like I’ve missed out on a most interesting period in Rolex history. I also feel like I’m about to spend hundreds of dollars on ebay on instruction manuals for watches I’ll never own.

Why? These well-designed covers are from owner’s manuals that accompanied the sale of a new Rolex in period, and they’re delightfully straightforward. A watch is not needed on the cover of these booklets—after all, it would have been right there in the box—nor is a tacky marketing message.

Their simple, striking design and the fact they often show an activity worthy of admiration (racing, flying, yachting), even if you’re not into watches, these owner’s booklets might be a good gateway into the world of watch collecting.

The only marks against coveting and collecting these is perhaps their diminutive size and the fact that, like all well-known brands, Rolex and its fans have to learn to avoid counterfeits.

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