News: Say Hello To Canada’s ‘Untamed’ Felino CB7+ Supercar

Say Hello To Canada’s ‘Untamed’ Felino CB7+ Supercar

By James Gent
February 3, 2020

Anybody remember the Felino CB7?

Essentially the Batmobile if designed by Jean Bugatti with a wax crayon, this was the badass inaugural model of Montreal-based independent marque ‘FELINO’ (yes, all-Caps), was the brainchild of former Formula Atlantic driver Antoine Bessette, and debuted at the 2014 Montreal Auto Show after a three-year research and development program.

On looks and potential performance alone, the CB7 ticked all the necessary boxes, its front-mid-mounted, GM-sourced 6.8-litre V8 producing a hefty 525hp and 489lb ft (663Nm) of torque. While performance figures were kept tight to the chest, the Nissan GT-R-rivalling Canuck promised “thrill seekers a ‘Formula’ type race car driving experience” for less than $100,000. On the track at least, as the CB7 was primarily intended for track use.

Now though, Bessette and his team are looking to up the ante yet further with the “untamed” CB7+, the most advanced version of its halo sports car yet. Armed with “state of the art aerodynamics” – and a bloody great rear wing – the CB7+ is lighter than its predecessors, which we’ll come back to in a second, is street legal, and is set to offer an “unparalleled” sensation on the road. It certainly will have that effect on your wallet, with prices ranging from anywhere between $360K to $600K, or around $270K to $450K USD.

Official launch dates are unknown, though speculation suggests the Quebec independent could headline the upcoming Toronto Auto Show. This has yet to be confirmed.

Production meanwhile continues on the first Felino model homologated for the road, the CB7R. Unveiled in 2018, those “brutally gorgeous” looks remain largely unchanged from the CB7 original, give or take some more angrily flared composite carbon fibre bodywork, as does the 525hp 6.8-litre V8 and 335kph top speed. There’s also a unique chassis developed by Felino at the base.

If, however, you feel your spleen would look better on the other side of your body, there is an optional 7-litre V8 available – yikes! – that produces a whopping 700hp and 580lb ft (786Nm) of torque, upping that top speed to 345kph and keeping the likes of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS firmly in the crosshairs. Weight distribution is a perfect 50:50 for the 1,1135kg sports car.

Unfortunately, those salivating uncontrollably may be out of luck, as only 10 units will be produced to ensure “near to absolute exclusivity.” Prices? Don’t expect much change from $360,000 (around $270K USD).

*Images courtesy of Felino

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