Gear: Automotive Relief Sculptures Project Beyond the Wall

Automotive Relief Sculptures Project Beyond the Wall

By Petrolicious Productions
April 10, 2013

This week’s Roundup features the amazing and unique work of Dutch artist Ron van der Ende, who creates only slightly three-dimensional works that pack a dimensional punch belying their modest 6.5” depth.

Using only found objects, van der Ende uses a roughly 3mm-thick layer from old doors, wood floors, and other sources of disused fragments of our modern industrial life and then lays them on top of a bias-relief sculpture, endowing them with a hard-worn and totally authentic patina. Inspired by everyday objects from life and pop culture, he sums up his passion as “basic boyish enthusiasm”—something any real Petrolista will be familiar with.

Click here to view van der Ende’s automotive-themed sculptures on his website.

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11 years ago

Hey,By looking this pictures only one thing is coming in my mind that Ron van der Ende mind is so creative I can’t even think about it.
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11 years ago

Fantastic !

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
11 years ago

Too cool! Amazing depth, proportions, and texture. Love the studio with tons of natural light. Lots of great work on his website, too.
He has his system dialed in.
Thanks for sharing.

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