News: Shelby Legendary Cars To Salute A Motoring Legend At Lyon Air Museum In California

Shelby Legendary Cars To Salute A Motoring Legend At Lyon Air Museum In California

By News Desk
March 21, 2019

Motoring legend Carroll Shelby built an impressive sports car manufacturing empire that gave us some of the world’s most iconic road and race cars, yet before his foray into the automotive scene Shelby was an avid aviator and a Flying Sergeant in the US Air Force during World War II. To celebrate his two passions, Lance Stadler CEO of Shelby Legendary Cars will be hosting an event at the Lyon Air Museum on March 23. “Our salute to Carroll Shelby combines two of his passions, autos and aviation, in one terrific show. We encourage Shelby fans to bring their Shelby or stop by and enjoy this terrific show,” explained Stander.

Shelby Legendary Cars continue to keep the heritage of Shelby’s iconic ‘60s sports cars alive with licensed vehicles that come complete with a documented Shelby serial number. The current line up consists of a small-block Shelby Cobra roadster, big-block Cobra roadster, Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe and the Le Mans-winning Ford GT40. A full complement of heritage cars will be on display at the event as well as Dan Gurney’s “Sebring Edition” continuation Shelby Cobra racing roadster.

There will also be an autograph session hosted for members of the 1960s team who built and raced the cars that will be on display. In addition to the automotive spectacle, visitors will also be able to visit the Lyon Air Museum, which houses some impressive exhibits such as a B-17 Flying Fortress that was used as a VIP transport in WW2. A People’s Choice Award Car Show will also be held, the winner of which will get a flight in a Waco biplane. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own Shelby vehicles; if you’re interested then head on over to the Lyon Air Museum website for further details.

Images courtesy of Shelby Legendary Cars

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