Reader Submissions: The Shift from Owning a Car as Appliance to a Car of Consequence

The Shift from Owning a Car as Appliance to a Car of Consequence

By Petrolicious Productions
December 4, 2013

Owner: Wogbe Ofori

Age: 41

Location: Houston, Texas

Year, Make, & Model: 1968 Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 FHC

Photographer: Wogbe Ofori

Although he’s been a fan of cars ever since he was a kid, this is Wogbe’s first car of consequence as opposed to being simply an appliance, and he affectionately calls it “Bad Kitty”. His favorite time of day to drive the car is at dawn on a weekend, when the Houston freeways are peaceful and empty.

Manufactured on May 7, 1968, this E-Type has been fully restored to be a high-end driver with quite a few upgrades and enhancements that respect the vintage of the car. The transmission is a 5-speed CJ5 unit from Classic Jaguar in Austin, Texas (these CJ5s are specifically designed for E-Types). It requires automatic transmission fluid because of its carbon fiber synchro rings. The engine was completely rebuilt and balanced, and the Jaguar also has a custom A/C system as well as Securon retractable locking three-point seat belts. Aesthetically, I’ve given the car Dayton six-inch wire wheels with pre-1968 “eared” knock-off hubs, new interior upholstery, new headliner, and new paint in the car’s original opalescent silver grey color.

This E-Type was purchased after a two-year period of research and inquiry. Wogbe knew he wanted a ’68 because of the great combination of the Series 1s looks, and the mechanical upgrades of Series 2s. On top of that, the color was exactly what Wogbe wanted in an FHC version, because he finds that it accentuates the curves in the most elegant way. After the two-year search, a listing for this car came up on eBay, and he knew this was the one he’d been looking for.

Interestingly, during the search for the car, Wogbe created a soundtrack with over twenty songs inspired by his future E-Type. Now he often plays it while driving the car, and he actually prefers that mechanics working on the car listen to the soundtrack while doing so.

Wogbe loves that aesthetically, the car exudes class and sophistication without being pretentious. On top of that, the driving experience is so immersive mechanically. But mostly, he likes to see how this Jaguar makes people smile. Wogbe is amazed how a car like this can be so inspirational to others. When people see it, they know they’ve seen something special, and this, Wogbe hopes, will help people to realize that God infuses something special for everyone every day.

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8 months ago

I downloaded and used on GameStoreMobi.Com for free.

11 months ago

Thanks as a car lover and a father who just got appliance repair from today, I have to say I agree except in some cases I also must look at my appliances as if they’re a hotrod haha.

Wogbe Ofori
Wogbe Ofori(@maestro)
8 years ago

Good news! Bad Kitty has been invited to be a featured classic car at the 2014 Houston Auto Show in January! It’s a real honor, particularly considering that Bad Kitty is a driver, not a concours car.

GARY MILES(@gtmsj)
8 years ago

Beautiful vehicle — thanks for sharing! I too had the opportunity to purchase one at auction last year. I attempted to fold my lanky 6′ 5″ frame into the vechicle without success. Yes, I was eventually able to get into the car, but it was quite unpleasant. I couldn’t imagine trying to drive the thing in the contorted position I found myself in.

Wogbe Ofori
Wogbe Ofori(@maestro)
8 years ago
Reply to  GARY MILES

So what did you do with the car??

Ae Neuman
Ae Neuman(@fb_1293493178)
8 years ago

a beautiful piece of mobile art


Jon Warshawsky
Jon Warshawsky(@bullfighter)
8 years ago

Well, here’s my unimaginative “Beautiful car!” post … what else can you say?
I like the “car of consequence” phrase. The world doesn’t need any more Camry/Accord/SUVs on the road. Drive and enjoy — the world DOES need more beautiful cars on the road, and this is one.

Joshua Epp
Joshua Epp(@slight)
8 years ago

Good lord that thing is gorgeous..

Thomas Earle Moore
Thomas Earle Moore(@fb_570882529)
8 years ago

Having missed the opportunity to get one of these back in the day, or even to have sat in one, I was horrified to discover, now that I might afford one, that the legroom offered is just plain insufficient for my lanky frame. Still I can’t help admiring them and this is certainly a special one with its black and silver countenance!

Wogbe Ofori
Wogbe Ofori(@maestro)
8 years ago

I’m 6′ with size 12 shoes, and I have figured out how to get in and out while maintaining my dignity. Like with a fighter plane, i more wear the car than ride in it. :p

However, if you really admire E-Types, I would suggest a Series 3 2+2. They are very roomy. The V12s are smooth a silk, but complicated. So, if you get one, get a very well sorted one.

Tosh Brice
Tosh Brice(@tosh-brice)
8 years ago

Where’s the playlist of those twenty songs?

Wogbe Ofori
Wogbe Ofori(@maestro)
8 years ago
Reply to  Tosh Brice

The Bad Kitty playlist (as of today), and in this order:

[b]Tell You Heart Heads Up[/b], [i]MuteMath[/i]
[b]7-29-04 The Day Of[/b], [i]David Holmes[/i]
[b]Battle Without Honor of Humanity[/b], [i]Tomoyasu Hotei[/i]
[b]What R We Stealing[/b], [i]David Holmes[/i]
[b]Can’t Help This Feeling[/b], [i]The Herbaliser[/i]
[b]James Bond Theme[/b], [i]Star Parodi[/i]
[b]A Beautiful Mine[/b], [i]RJD2[/i]
[b]Things Go Better[/b], [i]RJD2[/i]
[b]Chicken-Bone Circuit[/b], [i]RJD2[/i]
[b]Super Bad[/b], [i]James Brown[/i]
[b]Dark Lady[/b], [i]DJ Food[/i]
[b]Hurricane Season[/b], [i]Trombone Shorty[/i]
[b]Odd Soul[/b], [i]MuteMath[/i]
[b]1940 (AmpLive Remix)[/b], [i]The Submarines[/i]
[b]Mercy[/b], [i]Duffy[/i]
[b]Rolling In The Deep[/b], [i]Adele[/i]
[b]Dirty Laundry[/b], [i]Bitter:Sweet[/i]
[b]Let The Good Shine[/b], [i]DJ Food[/i]
[b]Sun Ray[/b], [i]MuteMath[/i]
[b]Windmills Of Your Mind[/b], [i]Esthero[/i]
[b]Wicky[/b], [i]Hooverphonic[/i]
[b]Pharaohs[/b], [i]Tears For Fears[/i]
[b]Albinoni’s Adagio (In Sol Minor)[/b], Starr Parodi
[b]Saliva (Instrumental)[/b], RJD2

Magnus Borg
Magnus Borg(@mangeb)
8 years ago
Reply to  Wogbe Ofori here is a playlist. I had to check it out for myself. Enjoy!

8 years ago
Reply to  Wogbe Ofori

Thats an interesting and unexpected list of songs. Not something I’d associate with an E-type, but I like it!

JanMichael Franklin
JanMichael Franklin(@jmfranklin)
8 years ago

Amazing looking E-Type! I prefer Coupes myself. Now all he needs is a silver F-Type coupe to sit next to it!