Market Finds: Steve McQueen’s Mistress’ Porsche 911T Is For Sale

Steve McQueen’s Mistress’ Porsche 911T Is For Sale

By Michael Banovsky
October 15, 2015

Photography courtesy of Christie’s

The story of this 1971 Porsche 911 T Coupé is exceptional because of its position, like many people, places, and things, that once found itself within the orbit of Steve McQueen.

And the most simple explanation of its provenance is pretty easy to follow: McQueen’s production company, CBS Solar Film Studios, bought it from none other than the garages of Jo Siffert. (A few other 911s, a 914, 908, and a 917 were also part of the deal.)

Its auction house of record, Christie’s, states matter-of-factly: “McQueen and Elga Andersen had an affair in Le Mans, which was well documented by tabloid newspapers,” and this 911 T Coupé was the Porsche that Andersen took home with her after filming.

Said to be in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition after years spent in the care of Andersen and just two other owners, it’ll be offered at Christie’s The Exceptional Sale in Paris on November 4. Estimate? €250–350,000.

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Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

Considering the fact that it was never registered in McQueen’s name .. that it was a part of a Hollywood Studio’s inventory when its well known that all Hollywood Studios documentations and records are questionable and sketchy on the best of days { trust me .. most studios don’t have a clue what they own ( or owned ) when it comes to props and actors possessions ] .. how many times recently supposedly indisputable provenances have proven to not be worth the paper they’re printing on when it comes to celebrity toys … not to mention how many times the car has ‘ supposedly ‘ changed hands since purchased .. along with a gap in the history no one seems to be able to fill .. and all I can say is

Caveat Emptor baby … in spades

And really .. who cares if McQueen might of had his hands on it for a second or two ? Its worth what a 911T is worth .. period .

Jarrod H
Jarrod H
8 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

Except that it is being offered by Christies and they would not offer it with a McQueen connection unless it had one. In 2010, they got caught up in a forged art scam they were inadvertently participating in. I do not think that they want to be tarnished by something like that again.

Either way, this will sell very well. Early aircooled 911s, especially turbo ones, are ever appreciating.

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