Journal: Street Find: This Alfa Romeo GTV Is Sitting Pretty In BMW Country

Street Find: This Alfa Romeo GTV Is Sitting Pretty In BMW Country

By Ted Gushue
May 31, 2016

Photography by Ted Gushue

As if you needed any proof that Alfa Romeos are loved around the world, this slippery character was found in the BMW Group Classic Parking lot in Munich. Understandably, the lot was riddled with Bimmers, which made it all the more refreshing to see this little guy parked handsomely in front.

I like to think that it serves as a reminder as to the truly unifying nature of the classic car community. Of course you would drive your Alfa to BMW HQ, and of course your mates at BMW HQ would geek out over it.

All of us are enthusiasts at heart, and that love knows no make, marque, or model.

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Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith
5 years ago

Yes it is a GT Junior not a GTV. One can’t tell if it is a 1300 or a 1600 as the usual badging has been removed from the boot (trunk) lid. Whatever model she is one drop dead gorgeous car and a very powerful argument for keeping the bumpers on a 105 Coupe.

7 years ago

A beautiful car, but I think its a GT rather than a GTV. My brother and I sit either side of the fence on owning classic BMW and Alfa Romeo, both are fantastic driver’s cars, I think Alfa was ahead in the 60s but his 80’s Beemer really shows up where Alfa went wrong . That M1 however…

Tom DesRochers
Tom DesRochers
7 years ago

I wonder if the Lamborghini factory would be as tolerant of someone who arrived in a Ferrari (or vice versa).

Closer to home, I just turned down an interview at a Chevrolet dealer because I don’t want them giving me crap about driving a Ford.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
7 years ago

So hey … its automotive irony you’re after Mr Gushue ?

Head over to the Ducati factory parking lot in Bologna where despite VW-Audi’s take over of the company the spots are still filled with BMW’s and BMW MINI’s . Now thats automotive irony at its finest . Italian workers .. both blue and white collar … building an iconic Italian motorcycle … driving Bavaria’s and Bavaria via Oxford’s finest … regardless of their current overlord’s wishes . Ya gotta just love them Italians !

By the way … nice catch Mr Gushue as that is one sweet little Alfa … and an even nicer M1 lurking behind it !