Gear: Support A Worthy Cause And You Could Win This One-Off BRM 'Bullitt' Chronograph Watch

Support A Worthy Cause And You Could Win This One-Off BRM ‘Bullitt’ Chronograph Watch

By Petrolicious
October 26, 2018

This month marked the 50th anniversary of the original release date of Bullitt, a movie that will never be remembered for its plot. It is an icon of a particular kind of film though, and its Mustang-versus-Charger scene is an indelible piece of the on-screen history of the automobile at large. With Steve McQueen’s 1968 Mustang GT390 playing the perfect protagonist to the black Charger chasing it down the stepped streets of San Francisco, the few minutes of driving in the movie have become some of the most iconic. In honor of the anniversary, and to progress its mission to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease, a group of enthusiasts have partnered together to offer this special chronograph as a raffle prize whose entire proceeds will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to support the search for a cure.

Drive Toward a Cure has teamed up with the motorsport-focused watchmakers at BRM, along with fine artist Nicolas Hunziker, to create this one-of-one timepiece. Hunziker’s rendition of the film’s hero car makes for a unique and beautifully realized homage watch face, and the owner of the actual car, Sean Kiernan, also played a role in this raffle. His father, Robert E. Kiernan Jr., who owned the Bullitt Mustang since 1974 until it was passed on to Sean, eventually succumbed to the disease in 2014 after his diagnosis in 2000. The raffle will run until the end of January, and tickets and further information on the watch and its specs can be found here.

If you’re keen to support more research into the cure for Parkinson’s, Drive Toward A Cure will be hosting its signature “California Adventure” event again next May. It will include new routes and resorts along the way to its new destination in Yosemite National Park—the accommodations are some of the best you’ll find on the west coast, the roads between them are littered with curves and views, and the cars you’ll share them with range from vintage American iron to modern European twin-turbos. The rally is all-inclusive, from nightly cocktails to automotive museum visits along the way, and a portion of the proceeds will go to support research into the cure with partners at the Parkinson’s Institute and the Michael J. Fox Foundation. If you want to rent something fun for the drive, Hagery Rideshare is partnering with the organizers to help with that. Full details regarding cars, routes, and more can be found on the event website, here, but here are some basics:

What is it: A four-day, three-night road rally that takes participants along California’s west coast on some of the best driving roads in the country. Meals, drinks, hotels, and destination visits along the way are included in the package among other things, and this year’s edition will see the group heading to Yosemite National Park.

Where is it: Sunnyvale, CA to Yosemite National Park

When is it: May 16th-19th, 2019

Images shown are from last year’s edition of the California Adventure

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