Journal: Take 20 Minutes And Watch Phil Hill Conquer The World

Take 20 Minutes And Watch Phil Hill Conquer The World

By Michael Banovsky
November 30, 2015

Narrated and hosted by Brock Yates—you know, the guy who gifted the world the modern Cannonball Run—this period documentary on American Formula 1 World Champion Phil Hill is a wonderful look back at his storied career. 

Besides being naturally fast on track, Hill was often praised for being technically-minded, but also a clean driver and incredibly well-natured. From his first road racing victory, behind the wheel of a Jaguar XK120 at Pebble Beach in 1950 (after driving the car across the country), to becoming a world-renowned champion, Hill left admirers in his wake. Monza? Le Mans? You name it–he won there.

And as a bonus, besides an amazing behind-the-scenes look at the Ferrari factory, there are a few period commercials, including for the MGB—“The wide-open sports car from British Leyland.”

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Kearney Sona
Kearney Sona
1 year ago

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Jean-Marc Creuset
Jean-Marc Creuset
4 years ago

A beautiful film about THE driver who ignited my passion for motorsport together with the gorgeous Shark Nose Ferraris. I was 8 years old. Phil was one of the finest and most intelligent drivers of his time, and later a keen analyst of the automotive scene. I still read his Road and Track articles with the same interest.
It was very special to meet his son Derek last September in Reims, where his father run his first F1 GP on a borrowed Maserati. Derek drove a fine re-creation of his father’s 156 F1 and did it in an inspring way in spite of the limited track space available.
Thank you for releasing this remarkable tribute to a great Champion and personnality!

Mark Helmkamp
Mark Helmkamp
7 years ago

The hand saw scene in the BMW 2002 in the British Leyland commercial is a nice touch.

dail white
dail white
8 years ago

much like my brother dennis, i’m that “older brother”, phil hill always seemed to be special…even to the neighborhood kids. before realizing his notoriety in racing as I got older, at a young age his garage was always an attraction. I believe he had a Pierce-Arrow and old Packard at his home. the doors were open and those cars were special, especially their size. phil also at times enjoyed sharing with us one of his passions, the player instruments he collected. the end of the video had a piece with the player violin…he would
turn on several at a time and what a sound!
as I got older my attention turned to cars and phil was always open to giving
mechanical advice. over the years I came to realize who this man really was…
a private yet personal individual and one of the great drivers of motorsports.
a privilege in knowing him.

Dennis White
Dennis White
8 years ago

In the late 50’s there was a rumor that Phil Hill lived about a block away from us in Santa Monica and it turned out to be true. A few years later, after winning the Grand Prix World Championship , 3 Le Mans, 3 Sebrings, Daytona, etc. etc., Phil was actually helping my older brother and his buddies with work on their cars. As genuine a guy as you could find as well as an incredible driver and technician.

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